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Finally here is your entire message by Earl Nightingale. It was called recently The secret before “The Secret”.

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In order to get everything from the message you can pause it, take notes, as well as writing down the timing where the relevant note is produced. This is an important message that will transform your life. Take it seriously. Hear it several times.

Be patient. At times, – depending on the Internet connection – it will take some time for the video to load. But it’s worth waiting. Enjoy! Remember to write some comments below.

.                                                            .
Remember: You can pause the video to take notes.



  1. Susana Tobar

    Absolutely Wonderful ! I Love It…. I Love It …I love It ! Thank You !

    • neuropla

      Hi Susana:
      As I mentioned to Diana, who loved it too: I am very happy that you loved the message! This message transformed my life completely. Keep applying what you saw. Feel free to read more sections at the right column on this website. Learn how Neuroplasticity can change your life and heal your body as well. Have a wonderful season.


  2. Diana

    Love the video!

    • neuropla

      Hi Diana:

      I am so happy that you loved the video! Most importantly: I will be very happy if you let me know how your life is being transformed. Feel free to read more sections at the right column on this website. Learn how Neuroplasticity can change your life and heal your body as well. And Diana: Watch your inbox for more content.

  3. Arlene

    This already has changed me and can’t wait to see myself after 30 days!!!!!
    Thanks and God Bless

    • neuropla

      Hi Arlene:
      Wonderful to see you in this mood. Please keep me updated how you are doing. Just drop me a line or two in the “Contact” section or reply to any of my emails.


  4. Love it!!! Now I am going away to do my breakfast, when having
    my breakfast coming over again to watch it again. It is wonderful.

    • neuropla

      Do me a favor, please. Study and apply all the material you are reading and tell me afterwards how you are doing. Our purpose is to help transforming lives. Keep reading. The best for you today!

  5. I certainly love the message in the video. It moves me to action!!! The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  6. Maritza

    I just feel wonderful not only to assist to your clinic but now to see and read your pages on your website. Every single day I learn something new with you. It is amazing how you have changed my life entirely. I feel renewed in many aspects of my life. Thank you, Dr. Jussi. Thanks for sharing all this. With respect and deep admiration.
    – Maritza Vera.

  7. TVS Subramanian

    The message being delivered is very powerful. This is one of the best Videos I ever watched. I want to make use of all the leads that are being given. Love it

  8. William

    You know, I have this recording, on an original copy of the record it was originally issued on. He’s right, after a while one forgets what they hear. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, once again. 🙂

  9. Marinela


  10. serenella

    I have no words, it is absolutly wonderful, I thank You, it is true. I was happy with my husband, He gave me what I beloved, because I had the life I wanted. but He died and until now I was, am in the limbo, no more desires, hobbies because I died with Him, but You open my eyes I have to live again. Thanks a lot. Serena

  11. Cindy Chiew

    The teaching is absolutely true, I have practiced for many years the can do attitude, the result is great, never think negative, speak and think big, nothing but all the positive stuff, it works wonder !!!

    Thank you for sharing, I have shared the video with my loved ones and dear friends, it is a good lesson not to be missed, couple with the nice scenery too…
    Thanks again….

  12. Suresh Justin

    Wow!!!! Great msg… Thank you…

  13. Mzwandile Mavuso

    The video truly inspired me…there is no turning back. Thanks a lot

  14. wendee

    BRILIANT put so well. What if you are 77, retired and can’t work?

  15. Ronald

    I enjoyed this and more people should see it and Maybe this Country can be turned

  16. Me fascino todas las bellezas y maravillas que mostró el vídeo, viví momentos de mucha emoción que lleno mi vida de nuevas alegrías y felicidad. Gracias

  17. Krzysztof

    True ,Real , Genuine and Nice. Thank you so much for this message 🙂

  18. Helene Caron

    Thanks!!! True!!!

  19. Darrell

    No sound or writing of any kind. I evev tried headphones. Am I missing something ? All I saw was outdoor scenery with out any sound whatsoever.

    • Sorry to see that report. It looks like you are using an iPhone. Somehow, certain iPhone models mute the sound. Try with another device. Best a regular PC or DeskTop device.

  20. Gary

    I received the video and loved it but I try ed to save this email but it said I couldn’t save it because it was not downloaded all the way I love the video but wish there was a way to save it so I can keep watching it thank you for the video loved it very much it was touching

  21. Twain

    WOW! His commanding voice enhances the message. Long before its time!

  22. I don’t have words to express my gratitude . Thanks so much
    for this great video, (gift). Blessing.

  23. Didier

    I loved it. What a truly remarkable video. It really wakes you up, and makes you realise what life is all about
    Thank you so much.

  24. lea

    I loved it and working on it.

  25. Eloise

    Love it! Very timely.

  26. I love and I am feeling that I began to plant many new seeds in my head. It’s my decision, to be rich
    and generous with others. Thanks for your inspiration.

  27. Anna Vaski

    I’m so happy that you refreshed my memory. Thank you .loved it.
    Sending you love, light and blessings.Anna.

  28. Thanks so much for this great video!

  29. s u

    The video is truly inspiring.
    Thanks a lot for the gift.


    Though I couldn’t find right words to describe about this video and your accomplishment, I have to use words to share my feelings with you. yes. It is AMAZING! FABULOUS! MARVELLOUS! WONDERFUL!
    Thank You Very Much. God Bless!

  31. Michael

    This is what children in school should be taught starting at there earliest age and progressing into there adult life.

  32. Yheizzi Karina Perez Ospina

    Muchas gracias Dr. Jussi por compartir esta información! I’m reading your amazing book!
    I honestly know this is the truth and the key to be in peace for US as human beings.. I’m willing to work for it..
    Thanks, Gracias, Muchas Gracias Dr. Jussi!!

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