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Building Confidence

I remember when, as a 9 year old, while participating in an elementary group class sing along, I was ridiculed and felt extremely small for singing the harmony of a song instead of the melody like everyone else. In that embarrassing moment I decided that I was never going to sing in public again. That decision made me not sing in public, but also not speak or allow myself to share my feelings and thoughts with anyone for years to come. I wanted to share and contribute my thoughts to conversations going on around me, but did not dare for fear of being put in that same position again: rejection.

During my elementary and high school years I did not dare answer the questions that the teachers were asking, even though I knew the answers. And I did not even have the courage to let people know, when asked to do so, that the idea that I was sharing was my own.

I learned through the years that my perception of myself was keeping me in a prison of my own design. Not circumstances, not other people, just me.

I realized that I was in a place that Anais Nin described so eloquently when she said, “and then the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud became more painful than the risk to bloom.” So I made a decision that I was going to change and in order to do that, I had to change my frame of reference.

I had always believed that I could not and was unable to do the things I wanted to do or go to the places that I wanted to go to; so I started to believe that I could. This made all the difference in my world.

Building confidence: I had to read books and believe what the people in the books said I could do, and even that was difficult to do because my perception of my self was so warped. But, I kept reminding myself that if my old way of thinking was keeping me captive, then if I adopted a new way of thinking, I could be free. I stepped out of my comfort zone and made a decision to live there because like Neale Donald Walsch said, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I have come to a place in my life where the very things that use to scare the living daylights out of me are the very things I thrive in. I am now a professional singer, teacher, and speaker. I have faced my fears and realized that the things I was afraid of were things that, left unchallenged, would never have gone away. I had to look my fears straight in the eyes to see that they could never be bigger than I was, did not have the power to defeat me, and after adopting the right perspective and developing the correct self-image of myself, realized that those experiences made me stronger.

I now go boldly in the direction of my dreams and share daily who I have become with everyone I meet. Wayne Dyer said, “Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery”

Today I have the confidence to believe in myself and from this starting place, anything is possible. Confidence is the foundation for success and happiness. Once you’ve mastered confidence, you’ve mastered yourself.

-Roxanne Goodman

Roxanne is a passionate and dedicated author, musical artist, teacher, and speaker. Check here how to build your confidence. You can do it too!!

Paradigms: Why we believe what we believe…

Beliefs are ingrained in us from the time we are kids – by mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, advertising and society.

Some of these beliefs are healthy. Some, are pretty messed up.

Yet, we carry all of them into adulthood. They govern how we make money, how we love, our happiness, our sex life, our very ability to grow — or stagnate.

Paradigms: Why we believe what we believe

Paradigms: Why we believe what we believe.

Because our beliefs become the reality we experience. Bob Proctor calls these beliefs “paradigms.”

Yeah! His name is Bob Proctor.

If you’ve watched The Secret, then chances are, you’ve probably heard of him.

Gentle, down-to-earth, immaculately dressed, and oozing wisdom with every sentence he pronounced. We sat down and got into an interesting discussion on “beliefs.”

And wow!

He completely blew us away. Watch what Bob has to say about shifting your harmful habits.

I’d love to say these beliefs are not your fault. Well certainly, those you adopted as a child weren’t. But what have you done about your faulty “paradigms” lately? And are you aware how they could be holding you back?

Bob has an idea. And in this free video and guided meditation, you’ll learn about paradigms and get a short meditation you can play to help you erase the ones that no longer serve you.

Click here to listen the FREE meditation–  it’s under 26 minutes long but carries a big power.

Paradigms. I won’t leave you at the edge of the fence. We have to go beyond our comfort zone to work with what we call “Neuroplasticity” or as we call it “NeuroplasticWork”.

Changing your reality – Changing our paradigms

To change our paradigms we have to change our habits. Habits are formed by repetition. The more we practice a new habit, the less time we have to practice an old habit.

Now, I am going to help you forming new habits. Consider the following sentence:

Changing your self-image is the most important thing you can do to change your current reality.

– Sandra Gallagher

Remember, you are using the same intellectual faculties that everyone else has. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Bob Proctor … you have all of the advantages that they do.

The difference is simply that they have a more powerful image of themselves than you do. But, with some practice, you can change yours to match what YOU want for your life.

Visioneering or image-making is nothing new. You’ve done it all of your life. In fact, everything that has ever come into your life has come as a direct result of the image-making process. Just take a look at the results in your life to see if you’re using this powerful mental tool in the right way.

Unfortunately, generally speaking, most people don’t use their imagination effectively. Instead of visualizing what they want, they almost always create an image of themselves that keeps them right where they are.

You might think you already know all of this. But if you are not witnessing the good you desire in your own life, you simply do not understand the power—and in fact the necessity—of acting on these ideas.

So get started today. Make the time right now to become very relaxed. Let creative energy fill your consciousness and then build an image in your mind of yourself living more abundantly.

Now write a brief description of your image on a card. Begin your statement with, “I am so happy and grateful now that …”

Carry your card in your pocket and read it at least twice a day, until the image fills your consciousness.

I urge you to do this every day. Start seeing what is possible for you. I guarantee it will change your life.

As you see the changes starting to occur, write to us and let us know the exciting things that are happening in your life.


Now, let us discover one deeper method: When you impress an idea upon your mind and you spice it with a lot of emotion it goes to the subconscious mind. That alters the vibration of this instrument we call our body. The body is a molecular structure, is a mass of energy in a very high speed of vibration. Watch the video below to find one step deeper on how to change our subconscious mind.

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