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Gregg Braden shows us footage recorded in the late 1990s documenting an event about the healing of a life-threatening condition within the body of a woman who is alive. The types of techniques, quantum healing applied, are precisely those that make use of the power of concentration. Watch this video that documents the healing of a bladder cancer tumor, 3 inches in diameter of that woman who by western standards is considered inoperable. As a last resort, she goes to a hospital in Beijing, China, where three practitioners and one technician teach her some life-affirming methods of nurturing her body by means of the power of combined concerted thoughts and gentle movements to stimulate the energy centers in her body in order to remove completely this tumor from her bladder.

So, in the video documentation the film shows a woman lying in bed in a hospital room. She is fully awake. She is fully conscious. She believes in the process that is about to happen. Before her there is a ultrasound technician that is running an ultrasound wand over her lower abdomen where we can see on a split screen monitor, and on the left hand side of the screen, they do a snapshot freeze-frame of an instant in time for reference. That way, we can see what her condition looks like in that instant in time. On the right hand of the screen, we are able to watch real time as three practitioners stand behind her working with the energy and her body and the feelings in their bodies. Next, they begin to chant a word that they have agreed upon and reinforces the feelings within them that she is already healed. The chant essentially says: “Already healed, already done”. As they began to have this feeling and say these words among themselves, on the computer screen we can watch in real time how this cancerous tumor disappears in less than three minutes.

Could we apply these techniques in our lives? Is that possible?