Negative Thoughts: How to Get Rid of Them

Many subscribers have requested me to help them to get rid of negative thoughts. I would like to share with you a technique I am using with great success to help my patients in my private practice. But first, let us delve into a LAW that is as important as any of the physical laws in nature:

“You are what you think about”

In your imagination, it is as simple as: What you have in your mind, you can have it in your hand. If you think about poverty, you will get poverty. If you think about failure, be prepared to fail. If you fear something, you will get what you fear about. If you think all day long of succeeding, you will succeed!

Positive thoughts have power to change your life
 when they’re fueled by positive emotions.” ~ Peggy McColl

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”~ Irvin Himmel

Negative Thoughts: A Case Study

How can I change my negative thinking? How can I get rid of this negativity that is robbing my life?

I will be glad to help you overcome your negative thoughts. I will be giving you more insights to help you out with this disease (I consider negative thinking a disease) Check you inbox always for more insights. However while you wait, let me share something important now:

Consider that everything in this life goes with a binary law:

  • It is ON or it is OFF
  • It’s LIGHT or DARK

In the same way a thought could be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. That means POSITIVE thinking will get you nearer to SUCCESS and health; NEGATIVE thinking will get your nearer FAILURE and disease. Nothing stands still!

Negative Toughts

You can change your Negative Toughts

Let’s Change our Negative Thoughts

You are, as a human being, capable of creating, changing and replacing your thoughts. For example:

Think now: create with your mind the thought of a RED SHIRT….. Got it? See it in your mind now. While you see the red color, the red fabric, try to see more details on the shirt you are thinking of. Can you see it?

Now, think right now of a shirt that is WHITE. Got it? Just stop and see your WHITE shirt with all the details.

Can you see how easy it is to change colors in your mind? Well. You have the power to change a NEGATIVE thought into a POSITIVE thought. The energy you are applying to change the shirt’s color is the same energy you are using to change a NEGATIVE thought into a POSITIVE one. In fact, try to think a thought where you have pleasure! It doesn’t matter what kind of thought it is, as long as it brings you pleasure. Use day-dreaming if you like, but change your mental attitude and you’re set for success today.

This simple method is being used by many of my patients who are seeing huge changes in their lives as they apply this technique to succeed in life and enjoy health. You can do the same today!

It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, what matters is what you look like on the inside. —Marissa Gibson (7 years old)

Negative Thoughts Are Enemies To Your Success

The greatest enemies to your success in life are negative thoughts of all kinds.

They hold you down, tire you out, and take away all your joy in life.

From the beginning of time, they have done more harm to individuals and societies than all the plagues of history.

One of your most important goals, if you want to be truly happy, is to free yourself from negative thinking.

Refuse To Rationalize

Rationalization causes automatic negative thoughts.

When you rationalize, you attempt to give a, “Socially acceptable explanation for an otherwise socially unacceptable act.”

You rationalize to explain away or put a favorable light on something that you have done that you feel bad or unhappy about.

You cast yourself in the roles of the victim, and you mark the other person or organization into the oppressor or the “bad guy.”

Rise Above The Opinions Of Others

Over-concern or a hypersensitivity about the way other people treat you causes negative thoughts.

For some people, their entire self image is determined by the way other people speak to them, talk to them or about them, or even look at them.

They have little sense of personal value or self-worth apart from the opinions of others. If those opinions of others are negative for any reason, real or imagined, the “victim” immediately experiences, anger, embarrassment, shame, self pity, and despair.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts

The antidote of negative thoughts of all kinds is for you to accept complete responsibility for your situation.

You cannot say the words, “I am responsible!” and still feel angry.

The very act of accepting responsibility short-circuits and cancels out any negative thoughts you may be experiencing.

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