Your Mind in AutoPilot

Have you noticed some people seem to magically reach their goals? They always know exactly what to do and when problems happen they don’t even miss a beat.

Why is it so easy for some while it’s so hard for others? The answer has to do with the thought patterns and subconscious thoughts in your brain.

You see, in many ways, your actions are controlled by your mental state, which has to do with the emotional experiences you’ve had during your life. With every emotional experience you have, you are creating specific neuro-associations in your brain.

Some of these help you, but some can set you up for failure.

For example, when people are children, their brains are mostly in the “theta” brainwave state, which allows you to absorb info like a sponge. This is great if your absorbing information that sets you up for success, but one of the problems with this is that you will absorb everything going on around you, whether that information is good and bad.

As we get older, our brains switch mainly to other brainwave states that are better for some things, but make it a bit harder to pick up totally new information.

This is why children almost automatically pick up any languages around them, but it’s much harder for an adult to learn a new language. See how the brain works.

Now this is the juicy stuff!

The following secret has been hoarded by millionaires, government officials, and scientists.

You see, brain specialists have  discovered over twenty years ago that subliminal programming can actually be used to let you encode messages and send them directly to your subconscious, so that your brain has to listen, even as an adult.

In the webinar, I brought in a special guest, a brain specialist who has been studying this phenomenon for over a decade, who has discovered a new technique that allows you to put your brain back into a theta brainwave state, so that you can learn rapidly, like a child, while you absorb the messages you choose.

His special technology, brainwave entrainment, has been so effective that it’s actually used by the Brazillian government in the training of new troops!

When your brain enters a “Theta” brainwave state, you create a mental ‘fertile growing ground’ to grow the ‘seeds’ of truth that you choose.

But where can you get brainwave entrainment machinery?

Well, let’s just say it’s really expensive, but you can actually take advantage of this technology at a fraction of the price, and get guaranteed results.

Soon we are going to introduce you to your mind’s potential to reshape your mind and change your life’s models and systems. This method takes everything you’ve ever done to an entirely new level.

We’re very excited to show you this incredible system, which combines the supremacy of subliminal audio and brainwave entrainment.

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