How to Create Havoc And Not Survive In the Process

Lack of knowledge or if you prefer to call it by its “hard name”: ignorance is what allows destructive or toxic emotions to break havoc.

They are very destructive emotions and can easily damage your mind and body if they are kept frequently. Especially when you let them grow unattended because they are rooted in your primitive brain, the so-called reptilian brain[the reptilian complex was responsible for species-typical instinctual behaviors involved in aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays. (Triune brain, Wikipedia)] the area where aggression, dominance, territoriality, fear come out and arise easily as they are triggered by emotional patterns of survival.

In our primitive brain, where our survival mechanisms reside, we have to deal with

  • toxic emotions and
  • core toxic emotions

Let’s discover the difference between them before we determine how to clear them with ease in the next chapter.

Toxic emotions are held for a long period of time and those could be temporal and superficial.

Core toxic emotions are seeded much deeper in our field and are the result -generally- of traumatic events as we were children -but they could appear later as adults. They are part of a paradigm that are embedded in a way that can produced undesirable automatic reactions in us.

Core Toxic Emotions, the Enemy within

Let’s discuss in depth what core toxic emotions really are, so we can identify our enemy within.

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” – Mark Twain

Core toxic emotions certainly include anger. Not the “flash anger” that happens in the moment when somebody upset us, but the deep seeded, long term anger, that we hold over something or someone that has hurt or wounded us and is embedded deep for an extended period of time.

The “flash anger” is typically a sign somebody have crossed your perimeter. It’s just a wake up call for you to think and ask, “what is going on?”, that’s not what creates a toxic emotion necessarily.

However, the deep seeded anger that sticks with you, is a toxic emotion that consumes you. It’s an emotional shrapnel that can do a tremendous amount of damage in several areas of your existence including business, health, relationships, causing fractal patterns and recreating the same thing over and over again, repeating events in your life in endless painful cycles.

These toxic emotions alters your resonance. They are like adding a discordant pattern to your frequency broadcast. Remember that the world around you is shaped by your resonance pattern.

Changing States of Frequency

It is quite important then to initially identify what are these core toxic emotions and from there to take the convenient steps to let go of them and literally take them to state changes. States of different frequency.

Let’s see an example to illustrate the idea.

Suppose you take a frozen ice cube and increase its frequency vibration by raising the temperature of the ice until the it turns into water, its liquid state. Then, you continue raising the temperature until you have boiling water where its molecules are vibrating even faster. Yet, you go all the way to steam, another different state of the same molecules.

Actually the steam, in this state, would travel to places where the ice cube never could.

Let’s do that with your toxic emotions. We are going to create state changes that literally transforms a toxic emotion all the way from its harmful state to the high vibration pattern state that will benefit you.

However, anger is just one toxic emotion. Let’s take a look of some more.

There is a lesser form of anger called frustration. A toxic emotion that currently in our day to day world we are so used to feel.

At times, we think that is like a norm to be frustrated in a daily basis.

Frustration is not too healthy for you, if we analyze what this toxic emotion produces in our body. In our state of being, frustration can also shut us down in many ways we don’t want at all.

Over the course of time, being in that frustration frequency is like sitting in a cloud of toxicity for a long period of time, to end up being part of the ‘natural’ way of feeling and we don’t want that.

Other toxic emotions such as shame, guilt, grief, depression, regret, hatred, self hatred, bitterness, self loathing, worry, resentment… those are examples of intense toxic emotions that are embedded deep within our field too.

They certainly become the “enemy within,” acidifying your life, poisoning relationships, undermining health, causing all kinds of self-sabotage and destroying life’s golden opportunities. They are insidious and persistent.

As we illustrate before, much like a frozen ice cube must go through state-changes to turn into steam, your toxic emotions must undergo a state-change to be released from your field.
Left unchecked, the debilitating effects of toxic emotions leave you predisposed to repeating cycles of negative experiences and will hold you back from reaching your full potential.
This “enemy within” will drain vitality from all areas of your life.
And through it all, we’re in denial, seemingly numb to its power, because we’ve been living under its power for so long.
Toxic Intensity and Orientation
I have no words to express how important is to understand this chapter. It is vital to grasp if you are serious in achieving success.

I am sure this material will totally affect and give shape to the world around you as nothing before did.

Got your attention?

Toxic emotions are not created equally. They usually come from different seeds and flavors. They have different intensity or volume, because they depend on different levels of emotions. Some emotions are more intense than others.

The more intense or the louder the emotion, the more toxic it is, and the higher the risk for you.

The deeper the impact of it, the easier to remember the incident that created the emotion.

We have the idea of the intensity. Now let’s discuss the orientation.

Toxic Orientation

Toxic emotions can be Inwardly directed or Outwardly directed.

Let’s watch some of them to draw important concepts.
Anger and Frustration for example, can be both outwardly or inwardly directed.
Guilt, shame and depression can be mainly inwardly directed. They have the highest toxic vibrations we can carry. They can not only ruin your life but actually destroy it because the persist as you are feeling bad about something you did or happen to you maybe today, yesterday or five years ago.
“Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” -Steve Ostten
Bitterness, primarily is outwardly directed. The worst thing of this toxic emotion is that when we carry bitterness, we tend to recreate more bitterness and poison by running multiple times mental ‘films’ of events over and over again. Then, making its vibration louder, and increasing the probability to experience it again in fractal iterations.
Having resentment or bitterness is the same as directing bad energy towards somebody else for something they have done, achieved or possessed.

Resentment is like throwing dust at someone into a strong wind that is against you. It comes right back at you. It is going to blow right back your way. It will stop you from advancing quicker than anything.

Hatred, that could be very intense. It can be outwardly directed or inwardly directed in the form of self loathing. This is a very destructive toxic emotion.

Understand this: No matter how justified you are for some negative event, they are always toxic emotions. Poison. You are invariably the only one that will suffer by holding them, since you are the creator of broadcasting bad energy around you.

Worry is inwardly directed is a down payment on a problem you may never have.

If you write down now all the things you are worry about and five years later you read that list, you will find that any of those things really happen to you.

Grief is very destructive when is hold for a long period of time, when we can’t get over a loss. It can be definitively a toxic vibration within our field

These are just few examples of negative and toxic programmed imprints that we all have.

In some cases, you might not be aware of their existence, because you feel that is totally normal to have them, but your subconscious does feel their presence! -and is not healthy to have them.

We have discussed how during the whole day you are broadcasting frequencies that are actually shaping and affecting for the world around us.

It means that what you hold in your resonance helps to form what is shaped around you. Patterns that are congruent, compatible with other patterns that are compatible with yours.

People that are congruent with those patterns of resonance are able to show up in your life. Likewise, people that are not congruent are not able to show up in your life, because they are not in harmony.

So, if your field has toxic emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, frustration and resentment, what actually appears in your life are situations that will recreate more of the same.

We need to change that!

Stop reading and think for a moment!

I invite you to spend a few minutes and think of a couple of things that you beat yourself up over or you may experience some guilt over, or some resentment. They are destructive emotions. We must eliminate them. Let’s find the first step of the whole process.

Begin the Healing Process With Forgiveness

Take note of toxic emotions. Commit yourself to them let go. However, this is only the first step to eliminate the toxicity in your life. You should make up your mind. You have to forgive yourself; you have to forgive others and learn to change the state of your entanglement from past or present experiences.

Forgiveness means “let go of completely”, so mentally you are just going to let it go completely. Yes. Let it go. Think of what and who you are going to forgive and then forgive yourself, forgive them. That is the healthiest move you can think. A move like that will help you become successful.

“Positive thinking is difficult if you are struggling, but negative thinking is poison.” -Jay Coulter

Repeat yourself several times:

“I’m sorry for what happened.”
“Forgive me for what happened. ( or “I Forgive you for what happened.”)
“Thank you for your forgiveness.” (or “Thank you for accepting my forgiveness.”
“I love you for for your forgiveness.” (or “I love you for your acceptance.”

Repeat that again and again. Watch your feelings as you utter those phrases and hold an image of the incident or person at the same time. The idea is to change your resonance

As you do this, you begin to change your vibrations and the frequency you are broadcasting will start the healing process. You will discover the power of words on the next Part.

Toxic emotions are feelings where you give meaning to unpleasant events. They are just that: unpleasant events. They have no meaning. They will clutter your mind and you have to start releasing them completely.

Remember: These negative events where toxic emotions were originated, are not the cause of the problem. It is the perception, the idea, the meaning, the interpretation you attach and hold from these events. Remove the meaning or interpretation from the event and the belief that causes the toxic emotion will be removed for ever.

Toxic emotion are like a splinter, a fragment that is down there festering for years and years. As long as you don’t touch it, it’s okay and the second you bump there, it hurts you. It’s infected and festers. However, unless you get to the splinter, you really can’t get it better.

Don’t be afraid to ‘get that splinter’, your toxic emotion. I had some patients, who were afraid to revisit the origin of their toxic emotions. We are so used to not knowing that there is way out, that we are afraid to go in and we tend to go into denial, or trying to ignore the problem. However, the correlations between some toxic emotions and some diseases are very profound.

We have to go all the way down to heal and change the state of the toxic emotions and not just to use cope mechanisms to cover up in a temporary basis.
Before we continue with the rest of the process, let’s recognize the deepest and more harmful emotions of all.

The highest damaging emotions of all: Core Fractures

A lot of people confuse fear with a toxic emotion.

Certain degrees of Fear, doubt and uncertainty are all symptoms of core fractures, because the energy charge associated is very different to the core toxic emotions energy charge.

Fear, for instance, is that paralyzing feeling where you sense a loss of will power, of confidence, you are unable to find the inner strength to move forward and to stand for yourself, to take action for yourself. That’s the main characteristic and symptoms of core fractures. Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Most of the people have fear every day because it’s part of the survival mechanism. Early human beings were literally living to survive. Today, for most of us, the situation is quite different, because we aren’t being chased by wild animals or other humans that are trying to kill us. Most of our fears are generally negative contemplative thoughts as a result of bad management of our mental faculties. Once we understand that fear is a contemplative process, then we can overcome it.

What is Fear?

Why are we, at times, so scare of? Normally fear is associated with pain, suffering and uncertainty. However, we all have some mental faculties that will help us here. One basic principle is that the more we understand something, the more confidence we develop; the more confidence we develop, the less uncertainty we have, and the less uncertainty we have, the less fearful we are.

There are basically three types of pain or three areas where we can experience pain in our lives. Pain appears as we…

Experience possible loss (losing something dear)
Feel that any change is painful (the process of changing is hard an uncomfortable)
Negative expectations (What if the results are not as good as I thought?)

When you’re obsessing about loss pain, process pain and expectation pain, the more you focus on those the more you worry about those types of pain. Your brain and body says

“No, don’t do that, I don’t want to feel that, we don’t need that!”

We’ve been gifted with this incredible survival mechanism that is incredibly designed to avoid pain. and when we realize that then we have to stop suffering in our minds and stewing in our minds about the pain we might experience if we do the very things that would improve our lives.

You and I both know that change would improve our lives, why aren’t we doing it? Because somewhere there we’ve probably associated a lot of loss, process or expectancy pain to it. So today might be a great day to sit down and say,

“What do I really want in my life?”
“Why have I not been progressing faster?”

When you explore those questions you might discover loss, process and outcome pain at work. You can flip your thoughts over and focus only on the gains, the positive things, the joys and the great outcomes you can have. When you start doing that you’ll find yourself being happier, more confident and getting further ahead in life. You might just find that life can feel much better when you focus on the positive side of the coin.