For as far as we’ve come with the modern conveniences in the world, there is much we have yet to understand as a people. We often act as though only humankind has a spiritual essence, but as I pointed out in the video below, at the end, nothing could be further from the truth.

it's time for a Global Awakening

it’s time for a Global Awakening

Understanding a new vision of life

Dozens of cases, for example, prove that plants have a spirit. In one well-known study, a man, his wife, their children and a colleague moved to Findhorn Bay Caravan Park in Scotland. Once there, they set out to create a small garden.

Well, the site sat on sand and gravel so it was the last place most people would have chosen to start a garden. But they didn’t let that stop them.

You see, they didn’t care about man’s wisdom. They got their guidance from above since they always acted out of love and understood our connection with all of nature. They not only knew how to talk to nature, they knew how to listen to it.

As a result, what began as an intention to create a small garden turned into something far bigger than they had expected…

The small family plot became the acclaimed Findhorn Garden, a flourishing landscape with over 128 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

You see, the people who created and took care of the garden were aware that all forms of life seek to express the fullness of their identity. They also understood that the unfolding of human consciousness cannot be separated from the unfolding of the total environment in which it finds expression. Both must grow, or neither can grow.

That’s the kind of expanded awareness we all need as a people to draw us into a new vision of us and nature in collaboration.

Once you really get that all life is a part of you and you are a part of it, you’ll start to send love to every person, plant, animal and thing. And when you do that, you will reveal your true essence and that of everything around you.

Bob Proctor