Do You Want To Experience Happiness Today?

You will experience true happiness when you make someone feel happy. Especially if that person is experiencing problems, worry, anguish or is discouraged. You will heal your brain and will help that someone to stay healthier.

You see, all the most cherished things I’ve ever received and the greatest things YOU could ever give someone else involve just two thingstime and effort.  Notice that money is not one of those two things… because in reality, people don’t want more things, they want you. They want to be validated. They want to be loved.  And if you can make someone feel special, loved, and appreciated, they will remember that (and you) forever.

Time and effort.  And it can be a simple as a few seconds of both.  How long would it take for you to text someone and tell them how much you appreciate them right now?  Not long.  But they’ll carry that text (and how it made them feel) with them all day.

Here are some other no- to low-cost things you can easily do to make a drastic impact on someone else today.

1. Send someone a song on iTunes with a nice note.  For $1.29 you’ll make that person feel awesome.  Why?  Just because you thought of them and that’s what really matters most.

2. Make someone their favorite meal or dessert.  Random acts of kindness.  Who doesn’t love the gesture of being presented with their favorite food?  No one I know.  Even more appreciated is the time, effort and thought that goes into it.

3. Call someone randomly just to see how they are doing and let them know you’re thinking about them.  I know, that probably very rarely happens to you… and that’s the point.  Such a simple thing that will absolutely make that person feel special and important to you.

4. Spend some time.  There is no better way to show someone that you care than by giving them a piece of your day.  Have a conversation, go to lunch, watch a movie, laugh, enjoy life together.  This is where lifelong friendships are built and where relationships are deepened.  Give someone your time today.

5. Tell the people you love, that you love them today.  Sure, they may know it already, but who really gets tired of hearing they’re loved?  No one.  On the other hand, what’s really unfortunate is when people suppress such a powerful phrase on the assumption that they everyone already knows.  No.  People want to hear it, and hear it again; it makes a huge difference.  Let them know they’re loved…often.

Call someone

Remember, people will remember the experiences they have in life, the people they share those experiences with, and most importantly above all else — how you made them feel.

You see:

  • People may forget what you say
  • Forget what you do
  • And will remember how you make them feel forever

Make someone feel great today.  Go out of your way.  Spend a few seconds of your own time and effort today on someone else.  You’ll be surprised at just how great it will make you feel in return.


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  1. This post must have got some time to write. Good stuff.

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