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How The Brain Works

The brain is the most fascinating part of the human body. Not much to look at, it resembles a spongy mass of tissue. Feels like “tofu” and weighs roughly four tubs of butter. Our brain is actually made up of mostly water, and about 10% fats. While our brain only makes up approximately 2% of the entire body’s weight, it uses a massive 20% of our body’s energy.

The brain’s basic building blocks are known as neurons and we have around 100 billion of these… each with between one thousand to ten thousand connections to other neurons, creating neural pathways, or ‘roads’ within the brain. There are literally trillions of neural connections within the brain, similar to a city electrical power grid, information is passed along these roads through a series of chemical messages and electrical impulses. As all this activity takes place, our brain generates between 10 to 25 watts of power, enough to power a light bulb. Over the course of one day, your brain generates more electrical impulses from firing neurons than all of the telephones in the world.

So really, your brain isn’t just a spongy mass of tissue. It’s your most complex organ: a power station that connects your every thought, movement, and feeling and it’s firing right now!

The Brain’s Regions 

While the brain is our most complex organ, its main objective is simple to keep us alive and achieve our goals. It does this by helping us breath, eat, walk and talk: the basic essentials to our survival. It is geared to search for any dangers in our environment and primes us to respond quickly. What’s more, our brain enables us to plan ahead, solve problems, experience emotions, store memories and communicate with others -all the things that makes us human. Our brain is the control center of our entire body, driving our every thought, feeling and action.


There are 3 main regions within the brain that serve a specific function as we interact with our environment:

  • At the base of our brain is the primitive region
  • in the middle the feeling region
  • and at the front and top of our brain is the thinking region

While these 3 regions have their own special function, they operate as one connected network to keep us alive and reach our goals.

The primitive region of our brain looks after those basic life functions that just happen automatically, like our breathing and heart rate. It also helps coordinate our basic physical movements, such as our balance, and posture. More than this, it plays a key role in scanning our environment to search for those things that may threaten our chances of survival. This helps the instinctual part of our brain kick into action automatically.

The middle feeling region of our brain plays a significant part in our emotional and social experiences through life. This is the part of our brain where emotions and impulses, such us anger, fear, and pleasure come from. It is activated when our primitive region detects a threat in the environment and triggers our fight or flight response. This region drives many of our behaviors and habits and help us form memories and attach feelings to them particularly when we experience strong emotions, such fear or happiness.

Lastly, the thinking region is the largest, and more highly developed part of the human brain. It stores our memories, allows us to plan, enables us to imagine or analyze a situation, find a solution, and communicate with others. It is the part of the brain where we can take control of decision making and emotion and override our automatic responses from our primitive and feeling regions. Our thinking region activates our likes, dislikes, hopes and ambitions. Those thoughts that make us uniquely human and different to all other animals on this planet.

These 3 regions of the brain work together to coordinate our every thought, feeling, and action.

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Retraining Our Brain with Technology

There is a program that incorporates the latest scientific research and EVIDENCE-BASED data reviewed by scientists from top institutions like University of California, San Diego, for advanced Brain Retraining.

Dr. Brian Alman, CEO of Tru-Sage International says:

“The incredible mix of cutting-edge technology and positive psychology will transform the lives and results of any business owner and entrepreneur who uses it. It’s also natural, empowering, fun, simple & relaxing… a powerhouse solution.”

Here’s what it will do for you:

Just listen to the 9-levels of audio training for 30-mins a day — you’ll benefit from every methodology available such us precision affirmations, hypnosis scripts, guided visualizations, and proven money-making meditations, and all the rest.

In addition, its proprietary technology automatically ramps up the intensity and effectiveness of your brain training every single week, for greater and greater results.

ALL of it is specifically designed with one focus: to help you change your beliefs and habits about abundance and about getting more income.

It is easy to use and fun, since it requires few minutes a day just listening to the programs.

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