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How Inflammation Damages Your Heart

You already know heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans, just like most western nations.

And I’m sure you’ve heard how chronic inflammation can damage your heart and blood vessels.

But did you know there’s a simple, yet little-known imbalance in your body which greatly contributes to chronic inflammation, hardened arteries, and yes, even death from heart disease?

It also contributes to stroke, the 5th leading cause of death.

That’s why I’m sending you today’s article to reveal…

  • The truth about what really causes hardened arteries (hint: it’s NOT too much bacon)…

  • The one substance already in your body that can stop this artery-hardening process cold – and may even reverse the damage…

  • And how you can naturally boost levels of it to protect your health right away.

How Inflammation Damages Your Heart

Inflammation is an important defense mechanism by which our body responds to infection or injury. However, serious problems arise when the inflammatory response gets out of control.

inflammation and heart problems

Runaway inflammation can stop a beating heart

Uncontrolled inflammation directly contributes to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and sepsis among many others. But the real killer from runaway inflammation is cardiovascular disease.

Why Do We Need Inflammation Anyhow?

Local inflammation in blood vessels activates coagulation, your body’s blood clotting mechanism.

You might remember from health class in school that blood clots are what stop you from bleeding to death when you get a cut.

Here’s how that works in a nutshell. When a blood vessel is injured, specific proteins are released into the blood which makes platelets become “sticky.” In just moments they begin to stick to each other and collagen and adhere to the injured blood vessel wall to form a blood clot.

Two of the main clotting proteins are called thrombin and fibrinogen. Thrombin is “activated” or turned on by the proteins exposed in an injured blood vessel. This activated thrombin breaks down fibrinogen – a soluble liver protein found in the blood – into strands of fibrin, an insoluble protein.

These fibrin strands stick to the exposed and injured blood vessel wall, clumping together to form a web-like mesh of strands. These strands of fibrin trap platelets and sometimes red blood cells to produce a more stable clot, repairing the blood vessel and ending bleeding.

When Clotting Goes Wrong

Although clotting is an important defense mechanism, sometimes it creates new problems. A prime example of this is when blood clots help form atherosclerotic plaques in arteries — which are a major cause of heart attack and stroke.

proteolytic enzymes

Fibrin traps platelets and red blood cells to form blood clots

Here’s how that happens…

When the inside wall of a blood vessel gets injured and inflamed, our body’s clotting mechanism reacts by weaving fibrin into the wall to strengthen it. This fibrin mesh protects the blood vessel, but also causes it to lose its elasticity. This is the first stage in hardening of the arteries.

Local inflammation from these tears and injuries causes more and more fibrin to be deposited on the artery wall. Fats, cholesterol, calcium and cellular wastes build up on these fibrin meshes and form hardened, calcified atherosclerotic plaques. The arteries become stiffer and less elastic and the lumen (the inner channel of your blood vessel through which blood flows) becomes narrower. This restricts blood and nutrient flow to tissues and raises the blood pressure needed to pump blood through the vessel, leading to even more damage to the blood vessel walls.

Uncontrolled Inflammation and Clotting Cause Serious Health Problems

Heart Attack and Stroke

Inflammation hardens arteries, causes atherosclerotic plaques to form and eventually leads to serious medical conditions such as heart attack or stroke.

Blood clots can cause two major problems. First, when a clot blocks a blood vessel, it affects nutrients being delivered to tissues. Second, if the clot breaks free of the blood vessel and begins to travel through the blood, it can become stuck elsewhere in a smaller blood vessel. This blockage, called an embolus, can lead to a heart attack or a stroke if it occurs in the brain.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism

If blood flow in the large veins of the legs becomes very slow, the blood may begin to clot and obstruct the veins, known as deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Clotted blood cannot easily pass through the vein and return to the heart. Venous blood clots can also break off or “embolize” and move into the lungs causing a severe, life-threatening medical condition called pulmonary embolism.

An advanced age, birth control pills, inactivity and recent surgeries or injuries all increase risk for DVT. Staying hydrated and moving around regularly helps to increase blood flow and prevent DVT.


Activation of clotting also revs up the inflammatory response. These two defense mechanisms complement each other in their attempt to defend our body against injury and infection.

Once again though, our body runs into serious problems when these responses go out of control. In sepsis, uncontrolled clotting and small blood vessel failure because of a hyper-inflammatory response can lead to multiple organ failure and death.

How to Prevent Runaway Inflammation and Clotting

blood thinning drugs and side affects

Some drugs can treat abnormal blood clotting but have severe side effects

Conventional medicine likes to throw drugs at most problems, and chronic systemic inflammation, is no different. This inflammatory response triggers blood clotting which leads to dangerous buildups and blockages.

As a result, most drugs used to prevent or treat abnormal blood clotting focus on blocking the clotting process itself or preventing platelets from getting activated.

One class of drugs dissolves meshes of fibrin strands that have already been formed. These “fibrinolytic” drugs are usually administered during the first few hours of a heart attack or stroke to try and re-open a blocked artery and prevent permanent tissue damage from oxygen failure.

But all of these drugs have one very serious side-effect in common: an increased risk of excess bleeding. Fortunately, your body has its own natural solution to the problem of chronic systemic inflammation and abnormal clotting.

Systemic proteolytic enzymes

Proteolytic enzymes, also known as proteases, are commonly known for how they help your body break down food proteins during digestion. But they also travel through your bloodstream where they break down excess proteins like blood clot forming fibrin.

They Remove Excess Fibrin and Scar Tissue

Systemic proteolytic enzymes breaks down and removes accumulated fibrin, helping clear blood clots and scar tissue from your body. Physicians in Europe and Asia routinely use proteolytic enzymes to remove scar tissue from surgical wounds, fibrotic kidneys and lungs and in other medical conditions.

They Improve Heart Health

When proteolytic enzymes eliminate excess fibrin, it means a reduced risk of clots forming — and a lower risk of heart attack or stroke. More oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood can flow to damaged tissues when blockages are cleared away, which then have a better chance to rebuild and repair themselves as well as remove metabolic waste more efficiently.

They Reduce Inflammation and Fight Off Infection

Systemic proteolytic enzymes get rid of inflammation by neutralizing pro-inflammatory biochemicals – which is not only good for heart health but also lowers your risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. They help to speed up recovery from sprains, strains, fractures, bruises, contusions and surgery.

Proteolytic enzymes even boost your immune system by helping fight off viral and bacterial infections by seeking out and killing proteins that have viruses attached to them.

Where to Get Proteolytic Enzymes

The good news is your body makes proteolytic enzymes naturally in your pancreas. They are also found in foods such as papaya and pineapple. However, eating these fruits or other sources of proteolytic enzymes within an hour of eating protein will simply divert the use of those enzymes to breaking down your meal instead of helping your body fight inflammation and excess blood clots.

Most people with a chronic pain condition have a corresponding chronic systemic inflammation problem. Inflammation and pain can often both be dramatically reduced simultaneously with an increase in proteolytic enzymes. Consider trying a proteolytic enzyme supplement if you have experienced an injury or have any kind of chronic pain or known inflammatory condition. It can protect your heart and improve your quality of life by reducing pain at the same time.


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Levi M, van der Poll T, Büller HR. Bidirectional Relation between Inflammation and Coagulation. Circulation 2004; 109; 2698-2704, DOI: 10.1161/01.CIR.0000131660.51520.9A.

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How Fast Can You Read? Answer: A Lot Faster Than You Think

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There Are Four Basic Types of Energy. Do You Know Yours?

Ignoring This Important Factor Could Jeopardize Your Results in Life

If we consider how people perform in life, we’ll see that most are struggling in our world today.

Demographics show that siblings and other family members, no matter how close related they are, behave differently and have distinct tendencies and methods to achieve similar results in life.

We all have different Types of Energy

                                                            We all have different Types of Energy

Everything in the World is Energy, Even You!

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” -Albert Einstein

Everything you are seeing vibrates; nothing rests. Look at the walls around you, the furniture; if you are outdoors, see the trees, the grass. They’re vibrating. They seem to be still until you get an electronic microscope and look at them more closely.

Now look at your hands — they are vibrating too. Your whole body is vibrating. Your entire being is a mass of energy in vibration. It’s vibrating so low that it’s “perceptible to the senses.”

The vibration of your body is dictated by the kind of thoughts you’re thinking. While you are thinking, your brain is activating cells that are producing significant patterns of vibrations “not perceptible to the senses” unless we have the assistance of instruments.

There are an infinite number of levels of vibration — they’re called frequencies. We are broadcasting these frequencies twenty-four hours a day, day in and day out. These levels of vibration determine the type of energy we have.

How fast or easy things seem to appear to us depend on the type of energy we are in. Let’s examine the four basic types we can recognize.


People with this kind of energy are always with ideas for everything. They like to move fast. When they have a pen, they tend to draw circles, asterisks, hearts, and stars. They are always innovating and creating things around. Nitrogen and air represent this type of energy. It’s a Yin/Yang energy.


People with this type of energy like to delve into details. They pay much of the attention in the shape and form of the elements they are dealing with. They like to move at their own pace. Don’t like to be forced to move faster. When they have a pen in their hands, they tend to draw clouds, ovals, wavy lines. They are always cautious and like to think before they move. Oxygen and water represent this type of energy. It’s a Yin/Yin energy.


People with this type of energy are motivators. They like to lead, counsel, teach. They like action and help others to keep their pace. When they have a pen in their hands, they tend to draw triangles, polygons, jagged lines. They are always inspiring and motivating others. Hydrogen and fire represent this type of energy. It’s a Yang/Yang energy.


People with this type of energy like perfection in everything. They don’t move until things are perfect and neat. If they have a pen in their hands, they tend to draw perfect circles, rectangles with round corners, perfect squares, parallel lines. They are always striving for perfection. They like to improve everything. Carbon and earth represent this type of energy. It’s a Yang/Yin energy.

Types of Energy May Overlap

In nowadays it’s hard to see a person with a pure type of energy. Mainly we all have traces of other kinds as we grow. However, one type is always dominant and relevant.

Tools That Transform Your Subconscious Mind

Here are my best tools to improve your health and transform your mind. Every single one at its own is very effective. However, if you combine them in a proper way you will have a powerful set of tools to transform your subconscious mind. Let’s discover how to get access to the internal, energetic ‘vault’ where these programs and codes are stored. Let’s find it now.

Emotional Impact

Strong emotions not only have the power to imprint your subconscious mind but to affect your DNA and the information that resides there. If I ask you,

“Where were you in the afternoon, last June 18th?”

Probably you can’t answer that, can you? That’s because your affairs that day were so common that you have no recollection of it whatsoever. However, if you ask me what I was doing before a small Piper hit some electric lines when I was twelve in a 18th of June, I can tell you what horse I was riding, with whom I was that day. I can tell you that I was wearing blue pants and a white shirt that day.

Healthy emotions

Healthy emotions

Emotional impacts have the power to imprint information in our brain that is relevant to survival. That’s how different species -humans included- have been learning to stay alive. It’s why I could remember that afternoon for the rest of my life, but might not recall a phone conversation twenty minutes ago, or that person’s name that my friend just introduced me two seconds ago.

These emotional impacts could be positive or negative and go deep into our mind, where we call ‘the imprint zone’.

Positive impacts occur when we experience events that give us pleasure or extreme joy as we feel love, success, and prosperity.

Negative impacts or traumatic events cause negative imprints with lasting effects and could produce phobias or lead to serious mental disorders.

The day to day emotions or experiences we have, like mild joyful moments or small upsets, usually don’t cause any impact and we say that they fall within the ‘no imprint zone’, unless they are carried with enough repetition and persistence, but normally they will have little to no lasting effect.

That’s why you can repeat for ten hours “I am calm, I am okay,” but unless you add some intense emotion to it, you will remain in the ‘no imprint zone’. You will get some glimpses -something superficial- but not lasting effects.

Only profound emotions have intense frequency and great amplitude enough to break through the core levels of our reptilian brain -the imprint zone- and change patterns of information with lasting effects.

That’s why many individuals can remember extremely fine details when facing accidents or traumatic events. Some are able to recollect not only dates but time of the day, colors, odors, etc.

I remember as a child, on a windy day with sudden gusts, how that small Piper plane crashed against some power line towers. Strong gusts of air tossed the small aircraft out of control. Then I saw an explosion and few seconds later a strong odor of burning bodies was sensed not too far from I was. Years after, it was impossible for me to be even closed to a barbecue or seeing someone roasting meat, without recalling the incident with vivid details.

Let’s see another common method being used to change subconscious mind in the next chapter.

Mind’s Language: ‘Frequencies’

Frequencies Are Around Us

Treating diseases while ignoring the mind is as foolish as treating symptoms without considering the real cause of a disease.

Since I was a kid, I became passionate about the power of nature and energy contained in natural phenomena, and I made some incredible discoveries studying science that changed my heart and the way I saw reality.

I felt more connected to the planet and all its creatures. For the first time in my life, I realized that I was a unique part of the universe, and that uniqueness gave me a defined focus to walk on a journey called life.

The language of the mind: ‘Frequencies.’

At a fundamental level, at its foundation, your body is vibration, energy, a whirling field of electromagnetic frequency.

Frequencies in our Mind

Frequencies in our Mind

If you look at your body through a high power microscope, the first thing you see is that your body is made up of cells. As you increase the power of the microscope and look closer, then you will see that those cells are made up of molecules. If you go even further, you can observe that those molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are comprised of a nucleus at the center, and whirling electrons on the perimeter. The space between the electrons and the nucleus rivals that of the outer space of the universe.

In fact, atoms are 99.9% ‘empty’ space. If you looked at all the physical matter of the body and broke it down atomically, it would only be about the size of a pinhead. The physical matter of your body is only the size of a pinhead. The rest is energy. That 99% of what we call “empty” space, is not an empty space of nothingness. Energy, vibration, and information fill that area producing the frequency the body uses to communicate between the cells, to give the electrical impulse to the heart, to run the nervous system, to create thoughts. It is the frequency behind all the functions of the body.

Change Your Life – One Heartbeat at a Time

This is a true story about how to recover and thrive when life throws you a curveball.

Your life can change in a single heartbeat – for better or for worse.

I know because it happened to me.

I was a successful doctor, married with four children. I lived in the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood. I thought I had it all. Then, one day, my life turned completely upside down.

A handful of years ago, on a snowy winter’s day, there was a frantic pounding on the door. When I answered, I saw my neighbor from across the street. He grabbed my baby from my arms, scooped up my four-year-old son and shouted, “Get out! Get out now!”

Burning home to the ground

This can Change your life: Burning home to the ground

I threw on my coat, grabbed my handbag and followed him, not knowing why.

Once outside, I could see that the house next to mine was burning to the ground (I would later learn that my girlfriend had died in the fire).

My house was on fire too. Then I experienced how “Change Your Life – One heartbeat at the time” was very real.

I stood on the sidewalk as the snow fell and watched my home burn to the ground. It felt like everything I’d ever worked for was disappearing before my eyes. My life changed forever that day.

Aside from material possessions, the fire took away a lot of what I knew. We moved five times with four young kids to try and find a rental home. Some friends were never to be seen again. Our savings diminished. For seven years we battled insurance claims. Then, in 2008, the stock market crashed. What little we had left was wiped out.

I slowly set about rebuilding my life. Just when I was starting to feel confident again, my husband was diagnosed with cancer.

By that point, I thought I knew my limit or breaking point. However, I reminded myself that, we do not grow stronger unless we have to. Think about your own life for a moment and you will see that is true. When we reach our limit, we have two options. We can either break or bend.

I was thankful that I still had a choice.

Restoring order and success to my life became my mission. I achieved all of my goals. I kept myself strong and healthy, found enjoyment in my work, wrote a book, coped with my husband’s cancer, raised my four amazing kids, and settled a landmark case with insurance companies.

In the end, I realized I had cobbled together a set of fantastic resources to help myself function better than ever. I wondered how many people were out there, just like me, who would benefit from the knowledge! Lets’ face it – we all need a lot of things in life in order to feel and be strong, successful and at peace.

At first, I simply recorded and wrote down everything I had experienced, which eventually led me to create the Akasha App.

I designed Akasha around five Elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood. Each represents a fundamental human need.

Fire symbolizes Love and Desire. Earth is about finding Harmony and Balance. Water relates to Flow and Productivity. Metal is about Success and Accomplishment, and Wood explores Creativity and Innovation.

At its core, Akasha focuses on helping people heal their heart to achieve their goals, to help them recover and thrive.

After all – it only takes a single heartbeat for your life to change.

Tina Chadda, MD

Tina is a practicing psychiatrist who resides in Toronto, Canada. She is the founder of Akasha Meditation and the creator of the Akasha App.

(Adapted from Insight of the Day Monday)

Change Is Inevitable

We think and believe at times that everything is the same around us, that everything stands still when we see the land, the sea, the mountains, the sky, the moon, day in and day out. We see everything about the same.

“Well,” people often tell me, “we have moon cycles, tides, seasons, but things are pretty much the same every year. I know when the sun will rise tomorrow and when the sun will set, and so the day after. I’m aware of those minor changes. Why bother?”

Change is Inevitable

                                                                        Change is Inevitable

Yet another person told me once, “I just count the days to get retired, receive my retirement check and do as everybody at my age is doing. I am too old to do anything new —he was 57 years old—. Why bother reading anything new? Everything is the same for you and me, nothing hardly changes at all.” I just told him: “How long have you sung that song?”

However, everything is moving; everything is changing… fast! You may not notice it, but you are moving now. Your body is transforming itself, is evolving. Every cell, every tissue, every organ in your body is moving, changing, working. In fact, everything around us is in constant motion now.

The universe is energy. Energy is moving, expanding and ever changing. Nothing stands still. We are living in an ‘ocean in motion’. Life is on the move and is active. Life is ever changing because change is inevitable.

We are all connected to a stream of energy, ever moving called life. Yes, change is the essence of life. Change is life in action! However, we love having a comfortable life. Who doesn’t? Every so often, we enjoy so much moments in our lives that we would like to stay there forever.

Yet, the life’s stream is ever moving, it’s like a river and we are traveling on it as if we were floating on a boat down the current. At times, we may find pleasant turns in our journey we would love to perpetuate, but no matter how stretched our arms could be, it is impossible not to continue with the course. Yes, change is inevitable.

However, we can create better ‘turns’ ahead in our river of life, better days for our future. I can show you how. You will find tools in this book to get you there, on the dreamed destination of yours. But first, you have to be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become, because real life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Chapter Insights

  • We think and believe at times that everything is the same around us, that everything stands still when we see the land, the sea, the mountains, the sky, the moon, day in and day out. We see everything about the same. However, everything is moving.
  • Life is on the move and is active. Life is ever changing because change is inevitable.
  • We are all connected to a stream of energy, ever moving called life.

Get Rid Of A Negative Feeling In 3 Minutes

Negative feelings and toxic emotions can ruin the day and set hurdles that accumulated will hold us back and cripple our chances to enjoy life.


Would you like to get rid of an emotion that’s bothering you right now?

Would you like to get rid of any negative feeling you might have in the future so you can enjoy life more?

If so, you might want to try this web app that can get rid of a negative emotion in less than 3 minutes.

Negative feelings and toxic emotions can ruin the day

Negative feelings and toxic emotions can ruin the day

Here’s what just one person said after using this process:

I applied the technique to my situation. I have moved back into my parents’ home recently, at the age of 31, and without steady income or work. This situation gave me feelings of frustration and a sense of helplessness. I felt like I was a sort of general failure in life, and couldn’t support myself financially, and I didn’t know when I could begin to.After doing the exercise, I have freed up more energy to do what my business ideas require of me to move forward. I now feel good when I complete a small job in my business without the underlying feeling of general failure.

It’s a good exercise, and it was successful in helping me to get over the self-created negative feelings over meaningless events.


This web app is so effective because it disconnects meaning from an event, which eliminates any negative emotions that had been caused by the meaning.

That’s why Frank’s negative feelings went away. His mind removed the meaning he was giving to his situation.

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How Calcium Makes Your Skin Older

Did you know excess calcium in your diet promotes wrinkles and sagging skin, making you appear older than you actually are?

It’s true… it’s actually as bad for your skin as too much sun, too much smoking, and too much sugar!

Yes, you can reverse this backward trend… and look many years younger in the process.

But you can’t just cut calcium out of your diet. I’ll explain why in a moment, but first…

Calcium Threatens More Than Just Your Skin

Harvard researchers (using data from a woman’s only study running non-stop since 1976) have discovered that – contrary to everything you’ve been told – calcium does NOT protect your bones…and, in fact…leads to MORE fractures and HIGHER rates of osteoporosis!

You can reverse the rapid skin-aging effects of excess calcium!

             You can reverse the rapid skin-aging effects of excess calcium!

It puts your heart at risk too (The Washington Post reported this way back in 2011 with a piece titled, “Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds”)

And it can destroy your brain (NPR dropped this bombshell with the headline, “Studies Find Link Between Alzheimer’s, Calcium”).


I was too.

I was always told calcium forms the bedrock of optimum health.

But it turns out both you and I haven’t been told the whole story…

The Calcium Lie

Physician of the Year (1996) Dr. Robert Thompson pulls back the curtain on how calcium is ruining your skin, weakening your bones, and threatening your heart, brain, and much more in his new book “The Calcium Lie 2.

And right now, because this book is so important if you care at all about living longer, living well, and looking your best too (and of course you do)… right now I’m giving away FREE copies of “The Calcium Lie 2!”

An ob-gyn, Dr. Thompson first noticed the dangers of calcium while delivering babies.

You see, certain women would experience a rash of cavities after childbirth.

While researching why, he also learned about two factors that cause over 50% of infant deaths…certain deficiencies that lead to lower IQ scores in babies…and even how a woman’s placenta can reveal her risk for heart disease later in life.

And it was all related to calcium.

(If you’re not happy with your skin, and you’ve had multiple children, this could explain why).

After continued research, he released the first volume of “The Calcium Lie” in 2008 to get the word out about all of the dangers of calcium and the truth about bone health.

This new updated edition is fantastic and I encourage you to read the whole book (again, I’m giving it away FREE today!) … but if you want to jump to the parts on how to keep your skin radiant, be sure to read the following pages:

  • The absolute best moisturizer for flawless skin (it doesn’t just moisturize surface skin cells…but lubricates emerging cells so fresh skin comes to the surface looking uniform, supple, and glowing)! Pg 162
  • The most dangerous supplement for your skin! It makes your skin look “tarnished” like old silverware (and worse, can lead to heart disease and stroke). Pg 22
  • Is your skin coarse, dry, scaly, or thick (especially on your elbows, heels or feet)? These are early warning signs of a serious disease the Journal of the American Medical Association says, “is the most underdiagnosed illness in America”. Pg 95
  • Vitamin C keeps your skin healthy and supple, right? Only if you get the real thing. The tell-tale signs you’re being sold fake vitamin C (once you know this you’ll never look at ANY vitamin the same way again!)  Pg 158
  • Thin skin? Bleed easily? How to gain healthy thickness to you skin on just 25 cents a day. Pg 153
  • 5 water mistakes that strip your skin of nutrients, leaving it red, dry, and flaky (plus which type of water supports skin health) Pg 184
  • Which inexpensive mineral supplement reverses skin troubles and chronic exhaustion (explains why you have dark spots…AND…are tired all the time)! Pg 110

Like I said, the whole book is eye-opening , but just these 7 pages could have a massive impact on your health and happiness.

It retails for about $15 in bookstores…

But because I believe this is such an important (and completely ignored) subject I’ve decided to give away copies of The Calcium Lie 2 (Plus a few special bonuses you can’t get anywhere else).

bandicam 2015-11-15 18-51-58-894


Living Your Life By Design Or By Default?

When we are children, we get our basic beliefs from our parents, our relatives and teachers. We set the foundation of our habits and we are molded by the environment that surrounds us. In other words, our default state.

Let me ask you an important question:

Are you living your life by design or by default?

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John is excited to let you try his technology for brain-imprinting. And he’s sure it will help you finally harness the power of the unseen world to create your ideal life.

But here’s the most important part most people miss: The law of attraction cannot work effectively unless you also follow the law of ACTION. Unless you put in practice what you learn and let your brain experience a different programming… one’s radically different from what you’ve been used to… nothing will change.

So please… be sure to take action and experience the technology with me.

First, watch the above short video so you come with right mindset and right expectations for today.

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