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The Binaural Beats Tool

Wave Inductions to Produce Resonance On Your Brain

Some people find that traditional meditation could be difficult to master since it takes some time and most people have a hard time getting themselves to stick to a regular meditation practice.

That’s how our sixth tool becomes handy. You know, neurons in your brain—functional cell units of the nervous system— communicate with each other all day long; they activate electrical impulses that fluctuate rhythmically in different patterns called brain wave patterns, or brain frequencies.

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Your thoughts, your emotions, and feelings are closely associated with these patterns or frequencies. Your body’s diverse systems functions are identified as well with these frequency patterns which affect the quality of life you are living!

Thus, one effective way to pattern and upgrade your broadcast frequencies is to speak to your brain in its ‘native tongue,’ the language of frequencies. You can experience the power by subscribing to the “Total Immersion Program” (TIP). Just go to and find which program fits you best.

Brain Wave Patterns

There are several kinds of brain wave patterns. The fastest frequency is called the beta brain wave pattern, which is the frequency range of ordinary waking consciousness.

We can associate Beta waves with concentration, stimulation, awareness, and understanding.

Check this out:

At its highest and most rapid levels, though, beta is associated with apprehension, disharmony, and anxiety.

On the other side, when you become more calmed and relaxed, your brain wave activity slows down into what is called the alpha brain wave pattern. This pattern goes from deep alpha –a state of deep relaxation— to the higher end of Alpha, where we get more focus and a very relaxed state.

Inducing Frequencies in your Brain

The wave induction method works by effortlessly inducing in the brain, wave patterns with the simple use of headphones as you play some soundtracks. Therefore, you can create the same frequency changes as traditional meditation, but many times faster.

The core of this method consists of soundtracks that begin by placing you in an alpha brain wave pattern which is the brainwave pattern of meditation, deep relaxation, joy, super-learning, and several other beneficial states. Then, gradually slow your brainwaves into a deeper alpha state. Some continue to decrease the frequency until a slower and deeper theta brain wave pattern is reached.

Researchers are referring Theta waves as the brain wave state of dreaming sleep level. It is often linked with many other uplifting states, like enlarged creativity, mental super learning levels, increased memory faculties, and what are called integrative experiences, where our minds are prone to positive introspection changes, the way we see ourselves and others, or certain life situations.

In the theta level, you will experience ‘ah-ha!’ experiences, where you suddenly have an insight or a great idea. These moments are accompanied by packets of theta waves produced in your brain.

If you desire a deeper experience with lasting results with the wave induction method, you can combine meditation while you watch videos with some of these soundtracks sequences incorporated where Afformations® or presupposition questions and affirmations are shown simultaneously. That way, you will expose your brain to what you see, hear, feel. Staking up presupposition messages will creep easily in your subconscious mind. Just go to and discover which program fits you.

“I give myself permission to expand my vision of myself and take inspired action which serves my highest purpose.” – Edward Wheeler

Breaking Your Mental ‘Prison’

Consider this wonderful paragraph from the book “It’s Not About the Money” by Bob Proctor.

At the beginning of the last chapter he says:

“Everyone wants to know how to escape from his or her own prison of perception. We all want to set out on the path to freedom. You may feel like you are in prison behind solid steel bars, but the truth is, the door to your personal jail cell is not locked. It never was. Nothing binds you to the results you have had and are currently having but the chains in your own mind. You are completely free to choose a new and exciting path.”

The Seventh Great Tool

I compounded all these six tools in my book “Transforming Vibes, Transforming Lives”. (Check it here) However, I left the best tool for the end: Total Immersion Program” or TIP (See here). There you will find my seventh tool. Go now and find it. You’ll be glad you did!

Get Meditation in Your ToolBox

Meditation An Ancient Practice In The Modern World

Today humans are under a lot of pressure due to an accelerated type of life which causes stress. As a result, stress produces a hormone in our body called Cortisol. Increased levels of Cortisol damage the brain and body. Meditation has been found an ideal tool to reduce stress and, therefore, the level of Cortisol.

First you have to ask “what is meditation?” because if you know ‘what’ then you’ll know ‘how’. I found Michael Beckwith’s definition quite accurate:

“Meditation is paying “undistractable” attention (no distraction) to that which is REAL, to ultimately become aware of that which is not transitory but that which is forever.” -Michael Beckwith, “What is Meditation?”

According to Beckwith, meditation has three basic ingredients:

  • Intention
  • Attention
  • Breathing

There is deep listening, which expands awareness. So start off with intention. When we set our intention is wake up call. We establish an intention to wake up.

You think and feel your intention, and then you let your attention wrap itself around that intention, until is very real. So, every time you sit, you have an intention to wake up. That’s what’s driving you, that’s what’s attracting and pulling you. So, we have here intention, and attention. And then you bring the attention to the breath.

Watch your breath. Now the breath is in present moment. You can’t breathe in the future and you can’t breathe in the past. You can only breathe in present moment. You are focusing in the present.

So with your attention on the breath, with your intention to wake up, you little-by-little-by-little come into present moment. The present is a portal to the now. The ‘now’ and the ‘present’ are not the same thing. The past, the present, and the future are ‘tenses’ in time. The ‘now’ is the eternal where love and peace, joy, goodness, intelligence, and benevolence are. They are eternal qualities.

Now, I invite you to have a real ‘truth session’ with yourself. Do some serious introspection.

Read it first and then do it. Don’t bother if you miss something at the beginning. It will come later as you do it again and again.



I want you to go inside; sit down somewhere and be quiet. Be very still. Tell yourself you’re becoming very, very quiet.

So you sit and you watch how you are breathing and focus only in that.

Have some soft, instrumental music if you prefer and find a comfortable position to sit in.

Close your eyes.

Concentrate in your breath and take a deep one. Very, very slow.

Gently exhale, counting down from 20.

Let yourself immerse into a relaxed state of mind.

To go deeper into this state of mind, start with a gentle relaxation of your body muscles.

Move your attention downward in your body, part by part, from the head, the neck, thorax, down to your feet and toes. Relax each section completely as you go.

Get Connected

Focus on your attention as a beam of light surrounding your entire body with a soft sphere or bubble of peace and loving energy.

Imagine the sphere expanding and connecting your being with the entire room, house, block, neighborhood, city, country, planet, solar system…

Feel the connection. Be one with the universe, connected with all forms of life.

Feeling Gratitude

Think about 3 or 5 things or events that you are grateful for. It could be something small, a cup of coffee, an old friend you met.

Express gratitude for these things. Recall with detail how they made you feel. Try to smell, touch, hear sounds, see the colors and shape, even taste it if you can.

Immerse in this gratitude. Feel the vibration in your entire body.

As you open your attention and gratitude for beautiful moments in life, you open the gate for greater moments to come.


Think about someone that had a conflict with you.

Picture the person in front of you.

Apologize for any misunderstanding or any wrong doing you brought or they brought in your life. Forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Sense the peace that forgiveness gives in your body. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love. Remember that we are all connected in the energy of life, know that any negative charge towards any person is a negative charge against yourself.

“Forgiveness is not just about the other. It’s for the beauty of your soul. It’s for your own capacity to fulfill your life.” – Jack Kornfield – Author

Bring Your Intention Now

See yourself having the perfect and peaceful day. Feel the joy and happiness. Make it as real and as vivid as possible.

See yourself interacting with other people that are happy to meet you.

Visualize yourself happy at the end of the day, and grateful for the magnificent and amazing day you had.

Accept the blessing

Ask to the Creator of the Universe for energy, support and blessings.

Feel this energy. Feel the support and the blessings like a protective light of energy covering you. Know that all the creation in on your side.

Ending the meditation

Bring yourself slowly out, feeling happy, counting from 1 to 5.

The more you practice meditation the easier it will be for you. As you do this in a daily basis. The entire process could last 5 to 10 minutes or more if you like.

Be prepare for magic events in your life

You will be able to hear with the ear that’s beyond in the ear. Which it’s a deep listening where you sit still as if someone is about to tell you the greatest secret in the world.

That what you hear, that what you think about, you will hear with consciousness which is hearing the inaudible; when you see with your consciousness you will see the invisible.

Now let’s have more tools. You haven’t seen nothing yet. See the next post.

Three More Potent Tools

With Constant Repetitions (Affirmations)

Repetitive Affirmation: The repetitive assertion of something you want to be true in your life. A solemn declaration you accept as being true.


“I am happy, healthy and wealthy.”

“I am good enough.”

“Money comes to me with ease.”

“I’m so calm. I’m so happy. I’m so well informed. Everything I touch turns to gold. I’m surrounded by abundance.”

Now you can state your affirmations in three ways,

  1. Thinking them.
  2. Speaking them.
  3. Demonstrate them. Act with emotion. Combine the affirmation with an emotional impact. Act as if you already have it. Feel the emotion, an intense emotion! There’s the pretending. It sounds silly, but try it anyway. You will need literally to ‘hammer or batter’ your mind to go to the ‘imprint zone’ with this method. However, try it. While I will give you more tools to combine with ‘affirmations’.

We are living in a total mirage world. The reason you could be in debt is because you ‘pretend’ that you’re in debt, and you pretend money is hard to come, or you pretend nobody wants to hire you, or nobody would buy from you.

Pretend otherwise, show up for yourself with intense emotion and enthusiasm, knock on the door, print the business cards, buy the shoes, just do these consistent demonstrations. However, without an intense emotional trigger, you are working at a superficial level and you are not affecting your imprint zone.

I Matter

I Matter

Do these little things on a consistent basis with emotion as if your life depends on it. Then, as your life start changing, it will be easier to think it, and it will be easier to speak it.

You’re automatically dealing with acts of faith, where you even don’t know you are doing an act of faith. All of a sudden the pieces of the puzzle start shifting. Your life changes, and all of a sudden your life starts to mirror all of the pretending. (Read Lewis Howes’ life experience on

Repetition is the mother of learning and is by repeating information that an action eventually gets rooted in the deepest area of our mind: the subconscious mind. As it gains strength the new information or action takes control and becomes predominant; other ideas that are not used as frequent become weaker and lose control.

Now let me show you one of my favorite tools I got for you and possibly more powerful than positive thinking alone. In fact, you can combine this tool with what you have learned.

Presupposition Questioning

This method is a very powerful tool for your toolbox.

But, before you say, “presuppo-what?” and drop this book away, let me help here a bit to discover what is this all about.

Presupposition means: To suppose or assume in beforehand; take for granted in advance.

At the beginning, the explanation may seem intimidating to you. However, at the end not only you will find it to be very simple, but very, very powerful as you discover how to apply this tool by taking advantage of the way your mind works.

Let’s discuss this great method.

Conversational therapists and psychologists are using the concept of “Presupposition Factor” as one important “Stealth Tactic” to deal with the mind.

So what exactly is a presupposition?

A presupposition is a linguistic assumption -something taken for granted.

Presuppositions are commonly used every day by everyone you know.

These are ideas your mind assumes according to the questions you ask or the statements you say. They are believed and taken to be true just because of the way you are stating them.

Almost every statement or sentence you make as you speak or write has a presupposition built right into it.

The best way to explain a presupposition is to show you examples.

If you were to state,

“Today the tourists are riding in the back of the bus.”

This statement is a relatively common sentence, and there are some presuppositions built in there.

  • First is that there is a bus.
  • Second there is a back and front on the bus.
  • Third there is more than one tourist on the bus.
  • Four not yesterday, not tomorrow but today.

You get all these concepts and assumptions from this simple phrase.

The neat thing about presuppositions is that once the information is implied, your mind no longer consciously tries to disagree with these facts.

Once the statement is made, your conscious mind won’t get involved in questioning whether or not there are tourists or a bus. Your mind gets busy thinking about “when” and “where” the tourists are on the bus.

The powerful thing about presuppositions is that they work to distract resistance since your brain gets caught up in organizing the events, where or when they took place while the suggestions and ideas quietly slip in your mind.

Using Presupposition Factor in the form of a question

The human brain is always asking and searching for answers to questions. The brain works automatically with more intensity searching for answers as we propose questions.

If somebody ask you a question, like: “Why the grass is green?” your mind immediately starts searching for an answer, because it’s programmed that way. By the way, you don’t have to answer that question.

Your mind works like a computer when you try to search and find answers on a search engine software in the Internet. The engine doesn’t care about the quality of the question you are asking.

Your mind works searching for an answer with or without you own volition or wish; you couldn’t not do it!

This sole idea is what makes this tool so powerful.

Disempowering and Empowering Questions

From Biblical times, we have been reminded: “You have not because you ask not.” “Ask and you shall receive.”

With that in mind, let’s look at something important to consider.

You have heard people saying:

“Why me?”

“Why is this happening to me?”

“Why can’t I find what I am looking for?”

These are dis-empowering and sabotaging questions because they are focusing on the negative side.

You may have used questions like this for many years inadvertently. They are destructive forms. They create the quality of life you don’t want.

Stop Doing That and Start Doing this

On the other side, we call empowering questions the types of questions that cause the brain to concentrate on what you have instead on what you lack leading you to increase your self-esteem and create a positive self-image.

Your brain automatically focuses on what is right “about you”, not on “what is counter-serving to you”.

How to use the Two Drivers in Life

There are two human behavior drivers or motivators:

  • Motive (the why)
  • Method (the how)

Motive drives more action than method. Let’s see why.

Suppose you are in a theater where some actors are performing. You could jump on the stage and kiss and actor or actress. You have the knowledge to do it, you know the “how”. You can conceive a method in your mind to do it. However, you don’t do that because there is a lot of “whys” you ‘better don’t do that’. You could be expelled from the site, it’s kind of embarrassing, it’s not social acceptable, etc.

We can think of thousand things we can do, because we know “how” to do them, and we don’t dare to do because there are lots of “whys” of not doing them.

That’s why “motive” trumps “method”, how. We use the “why” driver to build our empowering questions. Let’s start using this driver.

How do you do that?

Simply by reversing the negative questions we are so familiar using in our daily life with positive ones. So,

“Why am I so broke?” becomes “Why am I so rich?”

“Why am I so fearful?” becomes “Why am I so confident?”

“Why am I so fat?” becomes “Why am I so healthy?”

The good thing about empowering questions is that you don’t have to find the answer for any question you create. You could, but you don’t have to do it.

Applying What You Discovered

Let’s come back to what we discussed before about the Presupposition Factor. When you ask,

“Why am I so rich?”

“Why am I so confident?”

“Why am I so healthy?”

The mind is caught up with the reason “why” and assumes that you are rich, confident or healthy.

Increasing the Power by Staking Presuppositions

While you are learning the power of presupposition questionings, you can also practice stacking presuppositions to reinforce an idea.

“Why am I so happy?”

“Why am I so cheerful?”

“Why am I so confident?”

When you stack presuppositions, one on top of the other and repeat them, you are transmitting an overwhelming amount of information out for the conscious mind to break through the subconscious mind in a very efficient way.

Stacking is a great way to distract the conscious mind from noticing or considering the suggestion you are slipping in, making resistance nonexistent.

One More Element to Increase the Power

The final presupposition important element you need to practice is that of adverbs and adjectives. We can use them to create more quality and action.

They are descriptive words like: Fortunately, lucky, curiously and greatly – to take some as examples.

With this presupposition method, you are making your mind more aware of the quality of a thing than the thing itself. Consider…

“Why am I so lucky catching the bus?”

Here, there is no question about the bus’s existence; the attention is drawn to the “lucky” part.

If you ask this question alone, your mind will not resist the fact there was a bus but wish to find out why you almost missed it.

The possible resistance is now placed on “the how” and “the why”; how did the event happen, why you were so lucky, why did you almost miss the bus.

You will have lots of opportunities to use and practice presupposition questioning or Afformations in the next chapters.

Before that, let’s discover another tool you can use in combination with what you already have.

The ‘No Mind’ Method Tool

I discovered this wonderful method as I became tired of ‘trying’ to control my mind when a negative event aroused. In that time, I was forcing my concentration into a positive event but I couldn’t hold it for more than 4-5 seconds. I was dragged off by my mind into the same negative pattern, over and over again.

I suddenly realized I was not in control of my mind or my emotions!

Then I found the ‘No Mind’ method and literally turned my mind into a winner’s mind. I read about this method in a phenomenal work by Andy Shaw and my perspective and mind control changed completely for the good.

If you are interested to go further, you can read the whole method in the great book “Creating a Bug Free Mind” by Andy Shaw. (If you are interested you can have it here,

For now, let’s dive in the method…

When you practice silencing your mind’s chatter, at some point you start practicing the ‘No Mind’ method. Literally you get in this stage when you learn to think nothing. No thoughts of any kind.

While you use this method, I’ll show you how to be aware, how to be present as you get the ‘No Mind’. It’s easier than you think. You don’t need to have a super mind to do it. I have taught this method to many of my patients, even to children and with no exceptions they have learned to switch their thinking off at will.

Wish to try it right now?

To start, we are going to do it for just few seconds. Some people found useful to do it staring to a candle’s light or some flames in a quite dark room. Go anyway, and avoid any interruptions, as you do this for the first time. I suggest you find a quite place so there are no external distractions.

When you are in those “ideal” conditions, bring your mind into a silence. Don’t force it. Don’t struggle with it. Just take it easy and calm down. Breathe deeply several times. Let it happen when you feel you can do it.

Bring your attention on your forehead, in a middle point just behind your eyes. Breathe normally now and just silence your mind. The more you do it the easier it gets.

It is okay if you can hold it for few seconds. Everything requires some practice. Remember the first time you ride a bicycle or you try to drive a car? Well, the same happens here.

I taught some children and seniors to do it. After some trials and errors they all were able to reach the “No Mind” state.

Once you are able to do it, try to see how long you can hold it. After some practice, a 93 years old woman needed just few seconds to silence her mind before bringing it in. She said that she can usually hold it for about one minute, which is remarkable for her.

The power of this method is so great that once you get control, you can bring in anytime, anywhere you wish. You only need to hold it for ten or fifteen seconds to regain control and effectively reset your mind completely.

I practiced the “no Mind” method in all sorts of conditions; in my car, in a plane, queuing up in a line, while listening some music, before going to sleep.

I kept practicing until it was no place I could not still my mental activity in seconds.

I suggest you to come back often times to this section. As you get this tool and turn it on whatever circumstance you wish to, then you will notice immediately the change of your reality.

Spend plenty of time building a solid foundation with this tool. You will be happy later on you did.

Let’s get another tool for your toolbox in the next post.

Havoc In Our Life

How to Create Havoc And Not Survive In the Process

Lack of knowledge or if you prefer to call it by its “hard name”: ignorance is what allows destructive or toxic emotions to break havoc.

They are very destructive emotions and can easily damage your mind and body if they are kept frequently. Especially when you let them grow unattended because they are rooted in your primitive brain, the so-called reptilian brain[the reptilian complex was responsible for species-typical instinctual behaviors involved in aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays. (Triune brain, Wikipedia)] the area where aggression, dominance, territoriality, fear come out and arise easily as they are triggered by emotional patterns of survival.

In our primitive brain, where our survival mechanisms reside, we have to deal with

  • toxic emotions and
  • core toxic emotions

Let’s discover the difference between them before we determine how to clear them with ease in the next chapter.

Toxic emotions are held for a long period of time and those could be temporal and superficial.

Core toxic emotions are seeded much deeper in our field and are the result -generally- of traumatic events as we were children -but they could appear later as adults. They are part of a paradigm that are embedded in a way that can produced undesirable automatic reactions in us.

Core Toxic Emotions, the Enemy within

Let’s discuss in depth what core toxic emotions really are, so we can identify our enemy within.

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” – Mark Twain

Core toxic emotions certainly include anger. Not the “flash anger” that happens in the moment when somebody upset us, but the deep seeded, long term anger, that we hold over something or someone that has hurt or wounded us and is embedded deep for an extended period of time.

The “flash anger” is typically a sign somebody have crossed your perimeter. It’s just a wake up call for you to think and ask, “what is going on?”, that’s not what creates a toxic emotion necessarily.

However, the deep seeded anger that sticks with you, is a toxic emotion that consumes you. It’s an emotional shrapnel that can do a tremendous amount of damage in several areas of your existence including business, health, relationships, causing fractal patterns and recreating the same thing over and over again, repeating events in your life in endless painful cycles.

These toxic emotions alters your resonance. They are like adding a discordant pattern to your frequency broadcast. Remember that the world around you is shaped by your resonance pattern.

Changing States of Frequency

It is quite important then to initially identify what are these core toxic emotions and from there to take the convenient steps to let go of them and literally take them to state changes. States of different frequency.

Let’s see an example to illustrate the idea.

Suppose you take a frozen ice cube and increase its frequency vibration by raising the temperature of the ice until the it turns into water, its liquid state. Then, you continue raising the temperature until you have boiling water where its molecules are vibrating even faster. Yet, you go all the way to steam, another different state of the same molecules.

Actually the steam, in this state, would travel to places where the ice cube never could.

Let’s do that with your toxic emotions. We are going to create state changes that literally transforms a toxic emotion all the way from its harmful state to the high vibration pattern state that will benefit you.

However, anger is just one toxic emotion. Let’s take a look of some more.

There is a lesser form of anger called frustration. A toxic emotion that currently in our day to day world we are so used to feel.

At times, we think that is like a norm to be frustrated in a daily basis.

Frustration is not too healthy for you, if we analyze what this toxic emotion produces in our body. In our state of being, frustration can also shut us down in many ways we don’t want at all.

Over the course of time, being in that frustration frequency is like sitting in a cloud of toxicity for a long period of time, to end up being part of the ‘natural’ way of feeling and we don’t want that.

Other toxic emotions such as shame, guilt, grief, depression, regret, hatred, self hatred, bitterness, self loathing, worry, resentment… those are examples of intense toxic emotions that are embedded deep within our field too.

They certainly become the “enemy within,” acidifying your life, poisoning relationships, undermining health, causing all kinds of self-sabotage and destroying life’s golden opportunities. They are insidious and persistent.

As we illustrate before, much like a frozen ice cube must go through state-changes to turn into steam, your toxic emotions must undergo a state-change to be released from your field.
Left unchecked, the debilitating effects of toxic emotions leave you predisposed to repeating cycles of negative experiences and will hold you back from reaching your full potential.
This “enemy within” will drain vitality from all areas of your life.
And through it all, we’re in denial, seemingly numb to its power, because we’ve been living under its power for so long.
Toxic Intensity and Orientation
I have no words to express how important is to understand this chapter. It is vital to grasp if you are serious in achieving success.

I am sure this material will totally affect and give shape to the world around you as nothing before did.

Got your attention?

Toxic emotions are not created equally. They usually come from different seeds and flavors. They have different intensity or volume, because they depend on different levels of emotions. Some emotions are more intense than others.

The more intense or the louder the emotion, the more toxic it is, and the higher the risk for you.

The deeper the impact of it, the easier to remember the incident that created the emotion.

We have the idea of the intensity. Now let’s discuss the orientation.

Toxic Orientation

Toxic emotions can be Inwardly directed or Outwardly directed.

Let’s watch some of them to draw important concepts.
Anger and Frustration for example, can be both outwardly or inwardly directed.
Guilt, shame and depression can be mainly inwardly directed. They have the highest toxic vibrations we can carry. They can not only ruin your life but actually destroy it because the persist as you are feeling bad about something you did or happen to you maybe today, yesterday or five years ago.
“Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” -Steve Ostten
Bitterness, primarily is outwardly directed. The worst thing of this toxic emotion is that when we carry bitterness, we tend to recreate more bitterness and poison by running multiple times mental ‘films’ of events over and over again. Then, making its vibration louder, and increasing the probability to experience it again in fractal iterations.
Having resentment or bitterness is the same as directing bad energy towards somebody else for something they have done, achieved or possessed.

Resentment is like throwing dust at someone into a strong wind that is against you. It comes right back at you. It is going to blow right back your way. It will stop you from advancing quicker than anything.

Hatred, that could be very intense. It can be outwardly directed or inwardly directed in the form of self loathing. This is a very destructive toxic emotion.

Understand this: No matter how justified you are for some negative event, they are always toxic emotions. Poison. You are invariably the only one that will suffer by holding them, since you are the creator of broadcasting bad energy around you.

Worry is inwardly directed is a down payment on a problem you may never have.

If you write down now all the things you are worry about and five years later you read that list, you will find that any of those things really happen to you.

Grief is very destructive when is hold for a long period of time, when we can’t get over a loss. It can be definitively a toxic vibration within our field

These are just few examples of negative and toxic programmed imprints that we all have.

In some cases, you might not be aware of their existence, because you feel that is totally normal to have them, but your subconscious does feel their presence! -and is not healthy to have them.

We have discussed how during the whole day you are broadcasting frequencies that are actually shaping and affecting for the world around us.

It means that what you hold in your resonance helps to form what is shaped around you. Patterns that are congruent, compatible with other patterns that are compatible with yours.

People that are congruent with those patterns of resonance are able to show up in your life. Likewise, people that are not congruent are not able to show up in your life, because they are not in harmony.

So, if your field has toxic emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, frustration and resentment, what actually appears in your life are situations that will recreate more of the same.

We need to change that!

Stop reading and think for a moment!

I invite you to spend a few minutes and think of a couple of things that you beat yourself up over or you may experience some guilt over, or some resentment. They are destructive emotions. We must eliminate them. Let’s find the first step of the whole process.

Begin the Healing Process With Forgiveness

Take note of toxic emotions. Commit yourself to them let go. However, this is only the first step to eliminate the toxicity in your life. You should make up your mind. You have to forgive yourself; you have to forgive others and learn to change the state of your entanglement from past or present experiences.

Forgiveness means “let go of completely”, so mentally you are just going to let it go completely. Yes. Let it go. Think of what and who you are going to forgive and then forgive yourself, forgive them. That is the healthiest move you can think. A move like that will help you become successful.

“Positive thinking is difficult if you are struggling, but negative thinking is poison.” -Jay Coulter

Repeat yourself several times:

“I’m sorry for what happened.”
“Forgive me for what happened. ( or “I Forgive you for what happened.”)
“Thank you for your forgiveness.” (or “Thank you for accepting my forgiveness.”
“I love you for for your forgiveness.” (or “I love you for your acceptance.”

Repeat that again and again. Watch your feelings as you utter those phrases and hold an image of the incident or person at the same time. The idea is to change your resonance

As you do this, you begin to change your vibrations and the frequency you are broadcasting will start the healing process. You will discover the power of words on the next Part.

Toxic emotions are feelings where you give meaning to unpleasant events. They are just that: unpleasant events. They have no meaning. They will clutter your mind and you have to start releasing them completely.

Remember: These negative events where toxic emotions were originated, are not the cause of the problem. It is the perception, the idea, the meaning, the interpretation you attach and hold from these events. Remove the meaning or interpretation from the event and the belief that causes the toxic emotion will be removed for ever.

Toxic emotion are like a splinter, a fragment that is down there festering for years and years. As long as you don’t touch it, it’s okay and the second you bump there, it hurts you. It’s infected and festers. However, unless you get to the splinter, you really can’t get it better.

Don’t be afraid to ‘get that splinter’, your toxic emotion. I had some patients, who were afraid to revisit the origin of their toxic emotions. We are so used to not knowing that there is way out, that we are afraid to go in and we tend to go into denial, or trying to ignore the problem. However, the correlations between some toxic emotions and some diseases are very profound.

We have to go all the way down to heal and change the state of the toxic emotions and not just to use cope mechanisms to cover up in a temporary basis.
Before we continue with the rest of the process, let’s recognize the deepest and more harmful emotions of all.

The highest damaging emotions of all: Core Fractures

A lot of people confuse fear with a toxic emotion.

Certain degrees of Fear, doubt and uncertainty are all symptoms of core fractures, because the energy charge associated is very different to the core toxic emotions energy charge.

Fear, for instance, is that paralyzing feeling where you sense a loss of will power, of confidence, you are unable to find the inner strength to move forward and to stand for yourself, to take action for yourself. That’s the main characteristic and symptoms of core fractures. Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Most of the people have fear every day because it’s part of the survival mechanism. Early human beings were literally living to survive. Today, for most of us, the situation is quite different, because we aren’t being chased by wild animals or other humans that are trying to kill us. Most of our fears are generally negative contemplative thoughts as a result of bad management of our mental faculties. Once we understand that fear is a contemplative process, then we can overcome it.

What is Fear?

Why are we, at times, so scare of? Normally fear is associated with pain, suffering and uncertainty. However, we all have some mental faculties that will help us here. One basic principle is that the more we understand something, the more confidence we develop; the more confidence we develop, the less uncertainty we have, and the less uncertainty we have, the less fearful we are.

There are basically three types of pain or three areas where we can experience pain in our lives. Pain appears as we…

Experience possible loss (losing something dear)
Feel that any change is painful (the process of changing is hard an uncomfortable)
Negative expectations (What if the results are not as good as I thought?)

When you’re obsessing about loss pain, process pain and expectation pain, the more you focus on those the more you worry about those types of pain. Your brain and body says

“No, don’t do that, I don’t want to feel that, we don’t need that!”

We’ve been gifted with this incredible survival mechanism that is incredibly designed to avoid pain. and when we realize that then we have to stop suffering in our minds and stewing in our minds about the pain we might experience if we do the very things that would improve our lives.

You and I both know that change would improve our lives, why aren’t we doing it? Because somewhere there we’ve probably associated a lot of loss, process or expectancy pain to it. So today might be a great day to sit down and say,

“What do I really want in my life?”
“Why have I not been progressing faster?”

When you explore those questions you might discover loss, process and outcome pain at work. You can flip your thoughts over and focus only on the gains, the positive things, the joys and the great outcomes you can have. When you start doing that you’ll find yourself being happier, more confident and getting further ahead in life. You might just find that life can feel much better when you focus on the positive side of the coin.

Ten Steps To Dream Big

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein – President of High Point University

Ten Steps To Dream Big

By Dr. Jussi Eerikäinen


We all have many dreams during our life spans. However, we need to learn to dream big. Big dreams transform our life from comfort zones to the quality life with truly desire.

Dreaming big is finding meaning in our lives. Ask yourself this critical question:

“Will I create my life out of design or do I let life just happen to me?”

Why is this question so important? Because, most people take the latter choice. Not because they’re bad people, it’s because they’re not aware —until pain or failure strikes to wake them up.

“A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.” – Neale Donald Walsch

To address this issue in the proper way, let’s find first the moving reason that makes extraordinary people so different from the rest of the pack.

Mission Oriented Life

The most extraordinary people in the word do not necessary have a career or a business. What they sure have, is a mission; a mission that gives them a particular meaning of life, because success for them has nothing to do with your career, or joining the family business, or being an entrepreneur.

Then, success it’s just something bigger, something they describe as a mission. They dream big, and because they dream big, they become obsessed with this idea that gives them energy, the fuel to move relentlessly forward and all their problems and other issues become insignificantly small. Their lives have a special meaning.

Finding Meaning To Your Life As You Create Your Dream

Finding meaning to your life will energize you and will make you resilient when you meet failure.

The average person normally wakes up with pain and illness. They get sick and tired of being sick and tired, or there is so much pain or suffering that they come exhausted to the end of their route, and asking,

“What’s going on with me?”
“Why can’t I be happy?”
“How can I be happy?”
“How can I have more in life?”

Once they begin to ask those questions, the universe -which is friendly- commences to operate on their behalf, and synchronicity starts happening. Spontaneous goodness emerges. Serendipity occurs. And things come into their path like little pebbles that pull them into a state of greater and greater awakening.

And when they look back, they recognize that that torment forced them to ask some different questions about life, because what they were doing and what they were having at that time just didn’t satisfy them. Then a huge miracle takes place: You find your calling in life!

Finding Your Calling Is Finding Your Dream

Aim to find that calling. When you aim high, you will find not only that life is not happening to you or life is happening by you -as we discovered in past chapters- but life is happening through you.

Your calling is to be a participant on a higher level, to become the channel, the instrument the universe and God uses to manifest life. You feel a calling or a mission, a desire to journey to some other part of the world. You feel the need to transform, to change and improve yourself.

The great Zig Ziglar said, “Outstanding people have one thing in common—an absolute sense of mission.”

Then inspiration will happen to you. You won’t live by motivation any more. You don’t need that. You will move because something greater than you is inspiring you and is working through you. True passion will follow to inspire you and make you unstoppable.

That’s right. When you are inspired you don’t need motivation. You just don’t need anything or anybody to motivate you. You live by inspiration.

Because there is a big difference between living by intention and living by inspiration.

What I mean by that? Most people set their dreams solely relying on intention,

“I want this!”, “I want that!”
“That’s what I am going to be”

However, living from inspiration is different. As you get deeper consciousness, you will ‘sense’ the idea that there is a purpose in life to be fulfilled. The certainty of knowing that you have ‘a calling’ and that you have channels to be connected with the universe, with nature and ultimately with God, which in turn will give you a ‘hint’ of that calling. That calling creates the inspiration and that inspiration will mold your intentions, leading you to your ultimate goal or dream.

In other words, the dreams don’t come from you but through you. You start living by inspiration.

It Ain’t Easy

When you discover the inspiration that fuels your passion, and you follow them -your inspiration and your passion- you’ll find yourself going against the grain. You could even face some opposition. Be at ease, because…

I am going to make it easier for you. I will give you some powerful tools, which you can apply many times as your life unfolds to new levels. They will guide you from intention to inspiration which again, will correct and mold your intentions. You will be on the track you ought to be.

Each tool is a step upwardly that will take you from one level to the other, to finally reach higher dimensions. However life is more like a tree than a ladder. Take the time to read to this gem I got for you today,

“Life’s more like a tree than a ladder, it branches off in different directions not directly upward by rungs, and sometimes we just need to restart life on a new branch to move upwards.”- Sir Eric Geddes, broadcaster.

As you climb upwardly ask yourself frequently:

“Where am I on the tree of life?”

See yourself in the tree of life. It isn’t a straight climb all the way up. It will go occasionally, in different directions according to life’s turns and times. If your climbing in life has you taking a twist especially one you didn’t plan, it may be the universe’s way of making you to look at another branch to correct your course that will truly tap into your potential for greatness.

If by any chance, you feel stuck, you know, feel like you’re in a dead end in your career, pull back and pause and then mentally look around you. And rather than insisting on a straight climb upward, see if there are any other branches you can leap to. Other routes and ways you can take to reach the top. To help you out, use the tools I am giving you here. Let’s discover these wonderful tools and apply them as you climb up the tree of life.

Ten Enlightening Tools

Step 1. Honor your Discontent.

Every great dream results from blending discontent with yearning.
Your discontent comes from your life seeking a fuller and expanding expression by itself in you.

Remember you can’t make yourself, you can’t take one breath of your own; you can’t make yourself another heart beat on your own. This magnificent thing is happening in you now called life and life is seeking to grow and expand as everything in the universe is expanding.

Your discontent generally comes when your feel shut down and tired of struggling or contracted in areas such as health, relationships, your creative expression -what you do with your time, talent or freedom.

Then look out of what you’re longing or yearning to have. What would be the answer to that discontent? If you feel contracted here-that force that pulls you back-, what would you long, what would be the expansion -that inner desire to grow-there?

Remember? There are two opposite forces we face, one contracting and another one expanding.

So, let’s use our discontent as an awakening tool and use it to blend your discontent with what you’re yearning. Then ask:

“What do I love?”
“Would I feel more alive with my dream?”
“Will I grow and find meaning in my life with my dream?”

Now just take note of that yearning of yours. Write it down because you don’t want to lose that idea in the vast expansion of your mind. Write it down. Got it?
Now, with your longing written down it’s time for the next step.

Step 2. Test your Dream or Longing

In this stage you will be testing your intentions. Remember that you are trading the most important things you have in life to get that dream. These things are,

  • Your time
  • Your life energy

It is crucial to test, what you ‘think’ is your dream if you are going to invest time and energy on that dream. Better you make sure that dream and intentions are worthy of your life.

Here is where most people fail. When they have a dream or a longing, they ask the wrong questions:

“Is that dream worth pursuing?” (meaning: Am I worthy of that dream?)
“I don’t have the money, could I do this?”
“I don’t have the knowledge, how can I do this?”

They start dis-empowering and sabotaging them as they ask if they are worthy. That’s the wrong way to do it! When you try to accomplish things that go beyond your own sense of “self-deservingness,” you will unconsciously sabotage yourself. So what you have to do is change that programming. The right questions in your mind should be:

“Good things are supposed to happen to me. Is that dream worthy of me?”
“Would I love to do that?”
“One year from now, could I say ‘I love my life’?”

If you mentally answer “yes” to all these questions. Then, it’s time to test your dream. For that you need to ask, and then… yes! Jot down these questions and answers!

If I accomplish that dream in my life:

1. Would I feel more alive if I attain this dream?
2. Would I grow with this dream?
3. Is this dream in alignment with what matters to me?
4. Do I need help from a higher power? Or it’s something I can do by myself.
5. Is there any good in this dream for others? My family, my coworkers and acquaintances?
6. Would the world benefit if I achieve this dream?

You should have to answer “yes” to all of these questions. Keep in mind that the universe is interested in expansion: your expansion, my expansion, others expansion as well. Expansion in goodness, wellbeing and blessings to all.
When your dream is tested through these six questions, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3. Using the Tool: “Up until now!”

This is one of the hardest steps of the list. Once you identify your dream by blending your discontent with your longings and test it to find out if your dream is ‘worthy of you’. Once you begin getting excited about your dream, even start acting and doing a couple of things with that dream, the contracting part of you, that old paradigms will begin pulling you back. All these chatter will bombard you.

“Who do you think you are?”
“You don’t have the knowledge to do that!”
“You don’t have the means or the money.”
“You always had these good beginnings!”
“Do you think you are capable of doing this when you have failed thousand times before?”

All this rubbish will raise up in your head and will try to convince you that you don’t deserve that. We all get any of these stories going in our minds keeping us in doubt and fear when our minds go into the survival mode to “protect us” from any change.
However, all the potential and the possibility is stored in the universe for us right where we are. Yes, anything is right where we are, because the mind, the life and the power of the universe, everything is ever present and available to us right here.

So, this step is easy and yet difficult because it requires a lot of persistence to apply. You need to do this over and over again. When ever that old paradigm rises up you can face it saying:

“Up until now, that was true about me. Up until now.”

“Now, I am choosing a new life. Today I choose to partner with the power that knows how to guide this universe; with the power that keeps the galaxies in place and in balance. There is an intelligence, that I am part of, that knows how to do this. And all I need to do is to partner with this intelligence one day at the time.”
“Up until now… Now, I am choosing a new life.”

So, When doubt arises in any form meet that doubt with: “Up until now”.

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal—you do not change your decision to get there.” – Zig Ziglar

Step 4.Delay your fears and meet them with ‘Afformations®’-presupposed questioning-

This step is a crucial one! How the heck do you deal with all this fear? That fear that is between you and your dream?

Do you know that you are not alone here? Every single person in this earth, from the great philosophers, inventors and designers to the great dreamers of all time that shaped the world, had to deal with fear? The great Nelson Mandela referred to fear this way:

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

Did he experienced fear at times? Absolutely!

How did he deal with fear? He conquered! Now you may say, okay Mandela did it, but how the heck do I deal with all this fear? That fear that is between me and my dream? Let me give you one of my favorite tools to conquer fear.

But first, let’s review what fear really is!

As we discussed before, fear is a manifestation of your mind working in survival mode. Your mind wants to protect you from change. Your mind likes ‘to travel’ on familiar territory.

Fear is the border line between the reality I’ve known and the reality I am bringing in! Your perceived reality versus your desired reality.

When you start traveling on uncharted territory, your mind brings doubts and fears. All the self doubts rise; all these questioning thoughts appear.

The worst thing you can do here is to welcome doubts and fears. Don’t entertain the fear or the doubt that causes fear. Don’t invite fear or doubt to come in. Don’t go to sleep with doubt. Otherwise you will be awakening in the middle of the night not knowing what to do!

Of course, you don’t know how to reach your dream yet, or you would it done it before. But you can acknowledge that even though you don’t know everything, there is One who does know everything and is controlling the universe.

Consider this: The new ideas that will take you to your dream are not vibrating at the same frequency of fear. So, you feel fear. You hear doubt. You then, must say:

“Yes, I know. I will think about you in three or four days.”

You make a future appointment with them. In the meanwhile, you start creating a different frequency to move out from the wrong frequencies of doubt and fear.

To do that you should ask:

“Why am I so confident?”
“Why do I love being so confident?”
“Why do so many people feel how truly confident I am?
“Why am I so calm?”

Then make an appointment with those fears and doubts in three or four days.
In the meanwhile, you can take decisive steps toward your dream because you can sense more security as you ask yourself frequently during the day:

“Why am I so confident?”
“Why do I love being so confident?”
“Why am I so calm?”
“Why am I more than enough to design new steps to my dream?

Because fear is a persistent companion along the way. Every time you move forward your companion will try to convince you not to go that way.

Remember: With the power of the universe you can create anything!

Step 5. Be Grateful All Day Long

Bless your good ideas. With this step you are inviting inspiration to work through you.

In this step, we have now the seeds of the possibility for the future dream. They start with an idea, and then we plant these ideas in the soil of the life we have.
In agriculture, we learn that if we want an abundant harvest, we have to put the right nutrients in the right proportions in the soil to fertilize it. That will bring more energy to the soil.

How do I allow more energy to come to nurture my dreams?

Meet the powerful tool of Gratitude!

Take the good you do have and bless it! Be really grateful for having what you have. Start practicing all day long gratitude.

Be thankful you can breath -others can’t.
Be thankful you can walk -other can’t.
Be grateful that you are alive and can welcome another day.
See what happens! You are accelerating the good in you.

“When you are in gratitude, fear disappears and abundance appears.” -Tony Robbins

Practice being a person growing, increasing in knowledge. You will find that growth will begin happening in your life. Growth in good ideas, Growth in support. Synchronicities will show up in your life.

If you put yourself in the vibration of growth, you will attract growth in your life. Gratitude is in the frequency of abundance.

Step 6. Practice Forgiveness Each Day –Cleans Yourself

As we start our day, every morning we wash our faces, brush our teeth and normally take a shower, because we know there is an accumulation of grit and sweat on our skin and body from our day before.

However, there is more grit we have to deal with. There is psychological and emotional grit. By practicing forgiveness we can cleanse our mind, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.

When we practice forgiveness we allow more positive energy to come to our lives. We can’t have a great life when we hold that resentment, we can’t have the free flow of energy when we have blocks or leaks in our field of energy.

Forgiveness is not for the other person. It’s always for ourselves. We release negative energy when we forgive.

One day, I was in my clinic and when I was opening the door to call the next person my secretary told me there was an emergency. An old man with no appointment just fainted. I bent down to see him and asked some relatives to help him go into the office for a closer examination.

A woman on her 50’s was very angry and rude with me because I was “ignoring” her as I was going to see the old man first. She just raised her voice and cursed me and left the clinic, slamming the door.

When I finish examining the old man and was sure that he was stable. I approached my secretary and told her:

“Who was that woman? She is the rudest person I’ve ever seen in a long time!”
“Oh, just forgive her” my nurse told me. “She just lost his son in yesterday’s heist in Mercantile bank.”

Immediately all my judgments of her “being this, and “being that” were gone! All I felt was compassion for her.

When I arrived home that afternoon, I remember thinking:

“Wow! The minute I knew her real story, I was moved into compassion. What about that?”

Then an epiphany hit me:

“I am never going to be able to hear everyone’s full story. What if I move from judgment to compassion, since I would never know everyone’s complete life story.”

Yes. Forgiveness moved me into state of mind where I felt compassion, deep understanding, tender feelings, empathy, and benevolence. A feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who was stricken by misfortune, with a strong desire to alleviate suffering.

Forgiveness cleans us from the grit of the negative emotions we are exposed in a daily basis. Forgiveness generates compassion.

Step 7. Welcome the ‘Inner voice’

When we go from our ‘perceived reality’ to our ‘desired reality’, we discussed that we have to change our state of being. Our ‘desired reality’ is held as an image in our mind.

As we go systematically from one step to the other, we put ourselves in harmony with the frequency of that dream. In other words, we begin to resonate at the same frequency -do you remember how we tuned to a different channel on our TV set? We change the frequency of our receptor to match that of the channel we want to see.

This step is both, to get in touch with and to allow ‘the voice of inspired insight’, the voice of divine wisdom. That voice that Gandhi called, “the voice for truth”. He said that ‘the voice for truth’ speaks to every person on the planet every single day and it’s as loud as our willingness to listen.

The question is, how can we make a distinction of that voice from any other voice we hear in our heads?

It starts with a relationship with that voice!

Imagine you start a relationship with a friend that becomes your very best friend. When he or she calls you, would you recognize the voice? Yes, of course you would! After a time, days, weeks; after a long standing and deep relationship you recognize the voice. You didn’t know that voice the first time, even the first few times, but because you got very interested in that relationship, you begin to discern and get familiar with the tone, the frequency of that voice amid all the voices.

When someone calls you and you pick the phone, it could be anybody calling at that moment, but if that friend calls you, you immediately recognize the voice… almost every single time.

In the same way, almost every single time when you pay attention to a voice that really begins to feel like guidance and you give it a try, you allow your ‘higher power’, the voice of inspired insight to work with you and for you. Give it a try and ask some questions about your dream. Ask clear and precise questions and welcome the inner voice. That voice that knows how to build your dream. Ask:

“What step can I take today to move closer to my dream?”
“What action can I take today to get in the direction of my dream?”

Then start your presupposition questioning series:

“Why am I so creative”?
“Why am I so confident”
“Why am I so happy taking these steps to achieve my dream?”

Remember, there is a voice for everything that is known in the universe, that presence knows how to guide you in your dream and will give you inspiration.
You have to practice not to discern your next step, but to take the next step.

Ask the question, then listen and go to the edge of the light that you see! Inspiration will follow!

Step 8. Get a Partner That Resonates With Your Beliefs

Be very careful who you tell your dream to. Often, people who care and love you the most, people that don’t want you to get hurt, have their own beliefs about you and the world. However, they are the people that could discourage you the most saying,

“Don’t do that”
“This isn’t exactly a good time.”
“Look at the economy”, or they may say with incredulity,

In that moment it is very easy, for that emerging dream of yours to be crushed by the disbelief of someone else.

So, I repeat, be very careful who you hang out to share your dreams with. People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours.

However, it is wise if you know from whom you might get support. Find someone who shares your beliefs and to whom you can tell your dream. Think of someone.
Select somebody that is also a dream builder, somebody that wants to create a life worth living. Someone that you may think to invite to support each other and may strengthen each other, especially when things could go south. Someone that may be ready to say,

“Yes, you can do it”, when circumstances are not favorable.

Invite that person to get connected with you so you can support each other in your beliefs and dreams. Connect with that person at least once a week. You need a partner to help you see other possibilities and hear that inner voice. With that help, you will be able to crack the code of your own disbelief, to walk in a higher level and match the frequency of your dream as you allow that higher power to work in ways you can’t think of now.

Think of that partner, the one who is a dream builder too and share your dream with that person.

Step 9.Learn to Work With your Failures

As we get to step 9, we need to realize that these steps are always present in the spiral growth of awareness and understanding. They will give you skill and inner strength to achieve incredible things in life. However we need another tool that will give you resilience to endure. You need to discover how to:

  • Meet failure
  • Deal with failure
  • Overcome failure

Every great man, every great dream builder has failures. Failures are feedbacks and blessings in disguise. You may have failures but don’t let failure have you.

Don’t fight failure, because you won’t be able to reap the rewards of that experience. Accept what is, this is feedback. Don’t give up your dream because you fail. Discover how to be better not bitter. You are in a discovering process. Allow failure to teach you. In fact, love failure.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.

“You always pass failure on the way to success.” — Mickey Rooney

I know, it is not easy, but it works!

Step 10.Harvesting your Dream

The more you apply these tools, the easier to use them. They are powerful tools. However what is the best part? The fun of building a dream!

Now you are able to feel the power of your mind, the enormous potential within you. The fun part is who you became in the process of achieving your dream.

The most amazing thing is on discovering that the process to get the product is far better than the product itself. You were so busy building a dream not realizing that your dream was building you.

You are here not to get, but to grow!

If you are serious on building your dreams and growing, go and check the Afformations® method now. Click on the banner below.


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Energy: We Got All Wrong About Matter

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” -Albert Einstein

Everything is Energy

Everything you are seeing vibrates; nothing rests. Look at the walls around you, the furniture; if you are outdoors, see the trees, the grass. They’re vibrating. They seem to be still until you get an electronic microscope and look at them more closely.

Now look at your hands they are vibrating too. Your whole body is vibrating. Your entire being it’s a mass of energy in vibration. It’s vibrating so low that is “perceptible to the senses”.

We are broadcasting waves of energy 24/7

                                                   We are broadcasting waves of energy 24/7

The vibration of your body is dictated by the kind of thoughts you’re thinking. While you are thinking, your brain is activating cells that are producing significant patterns of vibrations “not perceptible to the senses” unless we have the assistance of instruments.

There’s an infinite number of levels of vibration— they’re called frequencies. We are broadcasting these frequencies 24 hours; day in and day out.

When you start creating different images in your mind, you’re activating brain cells forming circuitries of recognition and setting up different vibrations. That’s the “native language” of your brain.

If you think of something very sad, for instance, you’ll move into a negative vibration; when you are thinking something very pleasant you’ll move into a positive vibration.

All these frequencies are ruled by “the Law of Vibration”. We are living in an ocean of motion.

As our energy broadcasts different frequencies, the Law of Vibration rules that we will only attract what’s in harmony with us.

Now, start thinking about what you really wish in life, instantly you’ll move into the vibration that you have to be to attract it.

Flashes of Good Energy

Maybe they are just flashes of that frequency. Maybe you will experience “glimpses” of happiness because you are not trained to resonate more time into that frequency pattern yet.

I am eager to show you how to broadcast frequencies that will produce constant states of wellbeing and happiness all day long.

While you get there, start periodically thinking throughout the day, ask yourself,

“What vibration am I in?”

“How do I feel now?”

Write down reminders. Stick those questions around you. Don’t leave them in your mind only. You will lose the ideas in seconds. Form the habit of repeating this every day.

You see, doing that you are practicing introspection, and most importantly you will start experiencing the state of conscious awareness of the Law of vibration.

Briefing Insights

  • The matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.
  • Everything you are seeing vibrates; nothing rests.
  • Your whole being it’s a mass of energy in vibration.
  • The vibration of your body is dictated by thoughts you’re thinking.
  • Your brain is activating cells that are producing patterns of waves all day long.
  • Vibrations are the “native language” of your brain.
  • We will only attract what’s in harmony with us, in the same frequency.
  • Ask yourself frequently during the day,
    “What vibration am I in?”
    “How do I feel now?”
  • Write down reminders.

How do you know that you know?

You think that you know, but do you really know?

Let’s say you have some extra pounds on your body and you have read that to lose some weight you need to eat fewer quantities of carbohydrates with your meals. Intellectually you ‘know’ that this is possible, but until you practice it, you won’t experience it and you really ‘don’t know it.’ In that case, ‘knowing it’ does not help you in any way. In fact, because you think ‘you know’ this, you would tend to ignore it, or even worse, fail to consider or disregard this information the next time you read it.

Do you know what you know?

Do you know what you know?

Herein lies the troubling feature of today’s education. We are trained to gather and collect information. The more information we have, the ‘wiser’ we are. The problem is, you often see ‘walking encyclopedias’ with countless college degrees but many of these people are broke or unemployed.
The issue arises when people incorrectly use the word ‘know’.

“Saying you know something does not mean you do.” Andy Shaw

If you want to ensure you know something, be prepared to discover a whole process you will need to understand. It’s a four stages process; I consider it is vital to be able to recognize and practice these four phases. If you do, new knowledge will be engraved forever in your memory.
To really know or master the knowledge of any subject you will need:
1. To read it, see it or perceive it intellectually.
After you perceive something with the intellect, do you know it now? No! You only got it intellectually. It’s what I call ‘a glimpse.’ You would be able to describe it, repeat it somehow to someone. However, you may easily forget it later easily. It would be better to:
2. Read it, perceive it again and delve on it
I don’t know about you, but when I have the chance to see a film or read a book a second or a third time, it is easy to discover many aspects I missed the first time. Now, after you perceive it two or three times, let me ask you: Do you think you know it now? Well, you can describe it better, explain it in more detail, share it easier or even teach it. However, Do you know it? No! You may simply forget it as you abandon the lecture or leave it awhile later. Again it’s in your intellect on a temporary basis. If you want to know it, deeply you should:

3. Start practicing or use that knowledge.
The more we practice, teach, repeat something, the deeper it penetrates into our mind. Do you know it now? Of course, not! If you cease to practice it will eventually forget what you have learned. You will need a fourth level:
4. Make it a way of life. Live it! When it becomes a way of life, then you start knowing it.
All begins with repetition. As we repeat something, we discover new angles we never saw before. Try watching a movie, or read the same book several times. You will be amazed how many things and ideas have been overlooked and how many shades, and new angles you will discover.

Saying you know something does not mean you do.

Saying you know something does not mean you do.

For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by a true family sense and I was joyful. However, I never felt like I was the smartest guy on the planet and sometimes, I was at the bottom below the average in my class. That was horrible for me because the only thing that I was able to base my intelligence on was my grades in school.
Several years after, an old audio record attracted my attention in that home. The first time I heard it, its message made such an impact on me that I had to listen to it again and again. The more I listened to it, the more meaningful my life became. Some of my friends saw me playing and listening to this record several times, and obviously they were very curious. They wanted to know why I played it, again and again, day in and day out; first thing in the morning and first thing when I came home from school.

But I had to hear that message: ‘The Strangest Secret in the World” by Earl Nightingale. Then, my life was not the same anymore. Everything was brand new for me: new aspirations, new purposes, and new ideas. Then my grades were much better. I was always in the first pack all through high school. I knew I had ‘holes’ in my character yet, also knew I was talented in music and drawing and was great at connecting with people and memorizing things. So, I decided to let go of the things that I wasn’t great at all. I was giving my best in all things but in some areas, I was not much better. So, I let go of many areas I couldn’t go further, and I focused my energy towards what I was great at and put my best into that every single day. Finally, I found that by giving my best every single day of the things I loved, I was going to build momentum over time.
Then, I changed my study habits, and I began to think differently. My life was propelled to new heights. I faced some opposition because I started to charter a new course. Some thought I was rebellious to ‘the system,’ however I never challenged anyone and with a big smile on my face and a candid answer, I made steady progress through the different stages of my life with great success and happiness. Why? I could not explain why!
Many decades after, I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Proctor (Speaker and Author of many books on self-development). First virtually on the Internet, then in person at his excellent and provoking event called ‘Matrixx’ in Toronto, Canada. It was a life changing experience since then, and for the first time in my life, I learned why!!

Get Uncomfortable and Enjoy the Process

If we want to grow in any realm, we need to get uncomfortable, dissatisfied with what we have.

Acknowledge the need of change for a “better you” . Fall in love with the changing process as you discover how to engage with the laws of nature.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

Consider for a moment the next sentences:

  • Change is good
  • Change is necessary
  • Change produces growth, results and bring opportunities
Get uncomfortable in order to grow

                                             Get uncomfortable in order to grow

I was in a restaurant. Was hungry, after a long journey in my clinic, it was around 6:30 pm. Breakfast was my only thing ingested in that day and was eaten at 5 am. Except for water and some fresh juices, my stomach was pretty empty. A nice salad and a pizza was solving my need in that moment, when I overheard a conversation on the next table that caught my attention:
“…You know. You would understand it, if you find how lobsters grow! A long-white-beard man on his 70s was telling to a fellow that was writing notes hastily on a pad. He rolled his eyes, puzzled uttering: “Did you say: lobsters?”
“I know”. The old man continued. “How cares how lobsters grow… Before you throw this whole idea out, think! Lobsters are soft, washy animals, that live inside a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand. Well, how then a lobster can grow? As the lobster grows, the shell becomes very confining. The lobster lives under pressure and uncomfortable. Goes into a rock formation to protect itself from predators. Cast off the shell and produces another one. Eventually that shell also becomes very uncomfortable as it grows more. Then the lobster goes back under the rock protection and… the lobster repeats this cycle numerous times. The stimulus for the lobster to be able to grow is that it feels uncomfortable!
Then the old man said in a sarcastic mode: If lobsters have doctors it would never grow, because as soon as the lobster feels uncomfortable goes to the doctor, gets a “Valium”, or any painkiller… Feel fine! But it never would come out that shell”
“So my friend” Stood up to leave the table. Looked at me and said: “We need to realize that uncomfortable times are also times for opportunities to grow. If we use adversity properly, we can grow through adversity”.

Prepare to Walk on Uncharted Territory

As you decide to change, generally nothing will be the same.

  • You will find “New obstacles”.
    However, If you use adversity properly, you can grow through adversity
  • Prepare to find “New challenges”.

Think at times that everything could spin out of control. However:

  • You can ride the situation
  • Control the situation by knowing where you’re going
  • Don’t be afraid of getting wrong, invite failure, learn from mistakes
    • Turn a failure into a success
      Don’t bury your failures. Let them inspire you!
    • Be open minded
    • Find the good angle in every situation
    • Detach from emotions
    • Don’t judge, accept what is

Judgment is one of the biggest originators of destruction on this planet. It creates segmented, fragmented societies, and a separation from ourselves. How much of our life have we been judging ourselves? For getting things right or wrong or being good or bad? Judgment, discrimination and discernment are all sources for creating conclusions so we can get something right. But if we never had to be right and we never had to be wrong, what choice would we actually have?

This is an invitation for a totally different way of being in the world a way of being us, that includes all of us, all of our capacities, all our feelings, and all of the possibilities we’ve always wanted to create and live by, with absolutely no judgment. Accept what is. Then we’ll develop a remarkable state of consciousness.
Consciousness is where everything exists and is and nothing is judged. In other words: Accept what is. Imagine living in a world like that.
Well, this is where it begins!
When we no longer have judgment in our world, we’ll walk around with a sense of freedom no matter what we are doing and no matter where we are. As we start to go beyond judgment in our world, we stop doing that with other people too.

  • Keep going (continuing the pursuit)
  • Be prepared to confront criticism from former supporting groups

Getting uneasy is part of the game. So, get used and get uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid. Keep in mind: “If we do the thing we fear, death of fear is certain.”
Remember: Courage is not the absence of fear, is pursuing in spite of those feelings.

Happy New Year!!

Global Awakening: Now is the Time!

For as far as we’ve come with the modern conveniences in the world, there is much we have yet to understand as a people. We often act as though only humankind has a spiritual essence, but as I pointed out in the video below, at the end, nothing could be further from the truth.

it's time for a Global Awakening

it’s time for a Global Awakening

Understanding a new vision of life

Dozens of cases, for example, prove that plants have a spirit. In one well-known study, a man, his wife, their children and a colleague moved to Findhorn Bay Caravan Park in Scotland. Once there, they set out to create a small garden.

Well, the site sat on sand and gravel so it was the last place most people would have chosen to start a garden. But they didn’t let that stop them.

You see, they didn’t care about man’s wisdom. They got their guidance from above since they always acted out of love and understood our connection with all of nature. They not only knew how to talk to nature, they knew how to listen to it.

As a result, what began as an intention to create a small garden turned into something far bigger than they had expected…

The small family plot became the acclaimed Findhorn Garden, a flourishing landscape with over 128 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

You see, the people who created and took care of the garden were aware that all forms of life seek to express the fullness of their identity. They also understood that the unfolding of human consciousness cannot be separated from the unfolding of the total environment in which it finds expression. Both must grow, or neither can grow.

That’s the kind of expanded awareness we all need as a people to draw us into a new vision of us and nature in collaboration.

Once you really get that all life is a part of you and you are a part of it, you’ll start to send love to every person, plant, animal and thing. And when you do that, you will reveal your true essence and that of everything around you.

Bob Proctor

Make Staying in Love as Easy as Falling in Love

Most people think falling in love is easy, but staying in love is only possible with a tremendous amount of work.

While that might be true for many people, you don’t have to accept it as your reality.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, and you truly want to stay in (or fall back in) love with your mate, it can be a relatively easy thing to do.

Before I go on, let me remind you that being in love is when two people come together in perfect harmony on all planes of understanding.

So how do you maintain or re-establish a harmonious relationship with minimal effort after the newness has worn off?

Is staying in love more difficult?

Is staying in love more difficult?

I suggest doing these three things:

1. Check Under Your Own Hood: When the exhilaration of a relationship starts to wane, we tend to complain about all the things our partner is doing wrong.

I’d like to suggest that, rather than pointing a finger at your partner, take a good, honest look at yourself. Consider questions like the following:

Do you show your mate that you love and appreciate them, or are you too busy complaining? When the going gets tough, do you rise to the occasion with grace, or do you get angry and shut them out? Do you communicate openly or do you expect your partner to be able to read your mind?

As you examine your own role in the decline of your relationship, you’ll start to see that this really isn’t about your mate at all. It’s about YOU and the vibration you’re putting out. As your awareness of your own behavior grows, you’ll give more and, by law, you’ll receive more from your partner.

2. Build A New Image: If you want a better relationship, recognize that the kind of relationship you want is on a frequency that is above the one that you are living on. Then, create an image of the relationship the way you want it to be—now and moving forward.

Start to visualize yourself having a divine, intimate connection with your partner. Picture and understand that this journey that you walk together will be a journey full of life lessons, blessings, joy, love and beautiful memories. Focus on the qualities that attracted you to your mate when you first fell in love.

By visualizing a long-lasting, loving relationship, you lock yourself onto the higher frequency and you start to create it.

3. Raise Your Expectations: Most of us expect the joy and passion of our relationship to dissipate over time. What do you believe is going to happen in yours?

I ask because you tend to get what you expect. Expect to be annoyed, and you will be. Anticipate a bad day, and you can just about guarantee you’ll have one.

Try this little experiment tonight: Just before you turn out the lights and go to sleep, set a clear, definite positive expectation for your relationship tomorrow:

I expect to feel delighted with my mate. I expect to feel appreciated. I expect to have a wonderful day.

Let your expectation germinate in your mind all night long. Repeat it to yourself — really meaning it — when you wake up tomorrow. And remind yourself of it periodically throughout the day.

Remember you radiate frequencies out into the world in every moment. And your frequencies are constantly attracting similar frequencies to harmonize with.

So if you want to stay or fall back in love, change your vibration by doing the things I’ve suggested here. Then observe—and enjoy—what happens.

To your success,

Bob Proctor

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