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Plants Have Memory

Plants Remember You If You Mess With Them Enough

Plants are reviving after a long winter in the north hemisphere, helped along by warming temperatures and increased light.

But do plants also “remember” what to do? Maybe so. In 2014, Dr. Monica Gagliano and colleagues at the University of Florence in Italy decided to see if they could train a plant to change behavior.

Plants remember you

Plants remember you

The researchers chose Mimosa pudica, more commonly known as the “touch-me-not”, which curls up its leaves in response to physical stimulation. Test plants in their pots were dropped onto foam from a height of about six inches to elicit the flinching response.

After repeated exposure with no major harm, the plants no longer recoiled. Even after a month left alone, the plants “remembered” the falls were not harmful and ignored them. Dr. Gagliano, now at the University of Western Australia, concluded from the experiment that plants could “learn” long-lasting behaviors, sort of like memories.

Or as some biologists are now saying. Plants can also “forget” using survival mechanisms to save energy.  As we write this article there are many ongoing experiments to test at cell tissue levels that ‘in-built-memory-.

Watch this 30 seconds video to see the Mimosa Pudica plant in action. (Sorry about the background noise). Remember to leave your comments below the page. Do you think that cells have memory too?

A review published last month in Science Advances suggests that one can look at it another way as well: the mimosa pudica could be learning to forget. Peter Crisp, a molecular plant biologist at Australian National University and author on the review, suggested that plants “forget” to flinch when it turns out that the threat does no harm. Forgetting has a purpose, Dr. Crisp and his colleagues say: It allows plants to save energy.

  • Taken from “The New York Times”

Energy: We Got All Wrong About Matter

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” -Albert Einstein

Everything is Energy

Everything you are seeing vibrates; nothing rests. Look at the walls around you, the furniture; if you are outdoors, see the trees, the grass. They’re vibrating. They seem to be still until you get an electronic microscope and look at them more closely.

Now look at your hands they are vibrating too. Your whole body is vibrating. Your entire being it’s a mass of energy in vibration. It’s vibrating so low that is “perceptible to the senses”.

We are broadcasting waves of energy 24/7

                                                   We are broadcasting waves of energy 24/7

The vibration of your body is dictated by the kind of thoughts you’re thinking. While you are thinking, your brain is activating cells that are producing significant patterns of vibrations “not perceptible to the senses” unless we have the assistance of instruments.

There’s an infinite number of levels of vibration— they’re called frequencies. We are broadcasting these frequencies 24 hours; day in and day out.

When you start creating different images in your mind, you’re activating brain cells forming circuitries of recognition and setting up different vibrations. That’s the “native language” of your brain.

If you think of something very sad, for instance, you’ll move into a negative vibration; when you are thinking something very pleasant you’ll move into a positive vibration.

All these frequencies are ruled by “the Law of Vibration”. We are living in an ocean of motion.

As our energy broadcasts different frequencies, the Law of Vibration rules that we will only attract what’s in harmony with us.

Now, start thinking about what you really wish in life, instantly you’ll move into the vibration that you have to be to attract it.

Flashes of Good Energy

Maybe they are just flashes of that frequency. Maybe you will experience “glimpses” of happiness because you are not trained to resonate more time into that frequency pattern yet.

I am eager to show you how to broadcast frequencies that will produce constant states of wellbeing and happiness all day long.

While you get there, start periodically thinking throughout the day, ask yourself,

“What vibration am I in?”

“How do I feel now?”

Write down reminders. Stick those questions around you. Don’t leave them in your mind only. You will lose the ideas in seconds. Form the habit of repeating this every day.

You see, doing that you are practicing introspection, and most importantly you will start experiencing the state of conscious awareness of the Law of vibration.

Briefing Insights

  • The matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.
  • Everything you are seeing vibrates; nothing rests.
  • Your whole being it’s a mass of energy in vibration.
  • The vibration of your body is dictated by thoughts you’re thinking.
  • Your brain is activating cells that are producing patterns of waves all day long.
  • Vibrations are the “native language” of your brain.
  • We will only attract what’s in harmony with us, in the same frequency.
  • Ask yourself frequently during the day,
    “What vibration am I in?”
    “How do I feel now?”
  • Write down reminders.

Quantum Healing of Tumor Through the Power of Thought & Feeling

Gregg Braden Shared this video

Gregg Braden shows us footage recorded in the late 1990s documenting an event about the healing of a life-threatening condition within the body of a woman who is alive. The types of techniques, quantum healing applied, are precisely those that make use of the power of concentration. Watch this video that documents the healing of a bladder cancer tumor, 3 inches in diameter of that woman who by western standards is considered inoperable. As a last resort, she goes to a hospital in Beijing, China, where three practitioners and one technician teach her some life-affirming methods of nurturing her body by means of the power of combined concerted thoughts and gentle movements to stimulate the energy centers in her body in order to remove completely this tumor from her bladder.

So, in the video documentation the film shows a woman lying in bed in a hospital room. She is fully awake. She is fully conscious. She believes in the process that is about to happen. Before her there is a ultrasound technician that is running an ultrasound wand over her lower abdomen where we can see on a split screen monitor, and on the left hand side of the screen, they do a snapshot freeze-frame of an instant in time for reference. That way, we can see what her condition looks like in that instant in time. On the right hand of the screen, we are able to watch real time as three practitioners stand behind her working with the energy and her body and the feelings in their bodies. Next, they begin to chant a word that they have agreed upon and reinforces the feelings within them that she is already healed. The chant essentially says: “Already healed, already done”. As they began to have this feeling and say these words among themselves, on the computer screen we can watch in real time how this cancerous tumor disappears in less than three minutes.

Could we apply these techniques in our lives? Is that possible?

Intuition: A Game Changer In Your Hands

Meet The Enchanting Storyteller Who Heals And Transforms Thousands By Freeing Their Authentic Spirit…

The intuitive expert, Sonia Choquette, transforms and shifts thousands around the world by connecting them to their authentic spirit, and is the author of 19 bestselling books, including the New York Times bestseller, The Answer Is Simple.

Sonia Choquette empowering attendees at Awesomeness Fest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2014.

Sonia Choquette empowering attendees at Awesomeness Fest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2014.

When Sonia Choquette spoke about Intuition at Awesomeness Fest…

… In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, she waited by the stage before stepping up. Her daughter went on first, and to everyone’s surprise started dancing alone to “Working at the Carwash.” Nothing magical, at first. But after 15 seconds in, the room of 350 people caught on and began to dance too.

Halfway through, Sonia joined her daughter on stage, yet she did not utter a word until the dance was over. Charisma wasn’t something that Sonia kept to herself — she used motion to unleash the audiences’ energy in the room, already tapping into their intuition well before they even knew it. And when she finally spoke, it wasn’t a presentation. Sonia Choquette is a storyteller, and she sure has a way of keeping the audience enchanted.

“Your sixth sense is your authentic self,” she believes, and she’s turned it into a global movement of consciousness. “My mission in life is to empower others, help them reconnect to their intuition, free their authentic spirit, and live up to the highest degree of their creative authentic potential as possible. This has been my mission all my life,” she has told The Huffington Post.

Sonia has impacted millions of lives…

Sonia is the author of 19 bestselling books on intuitive awakening and spirituality, including theNew York Times bestseller, The Answer Is Simple. Her work has been published in 37 languages, perhaps making her the most widely read expert on the subject of intuition and tapping into one’s sixth sense. Sonia has been featured on Oprah Radio, ABC, Inc. Magazine and Gaiam TV.

Also a philanthropist, she has set up organizational collaborations with Nurturing Orphans with AIDS for Humanity (NOAH), and has done plenty of charity work and fundraising throughout the United States.

Her gift, although Sonia prefers not to see her guidance as an exclusive form, was not awakened through some momentous discovery. “I realized at a young age that what was natural to me was so much in other people (too),” she expressed in her interview with Mind Body Green. Sonia was about 12 years old when she established her guided path to help others find their authentic selves through intuition. “I have always known the advantages of listening to my inner voice. Never having tuned out my intuition, I have served as an intuitive guide to others worldwide for over 35 years.”

 “With intuition firmly at the helm of your life, you reconnect with the deepest, most authentic truth of your being and remember who you are as God designed and created you to be: perfect, beautiful and whole.” – Sonia Choquette

She later attended the University of Denver and the Sorbonne in Paris, and also holds a doctorate from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Sonia is also currently a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, and is the host of her own weekly radio show, Six Sensory Living.

“We all must rely on our innate sixth senses in order to make the most authentic, well-informed, healthful and soul-satisfying decisions possible. Working with and strengthening our intuition is becoming more and more fundamental to our ability to live harmoniously with ourselves and others in the new world order,” said Sonia.

In person, Sonia is just like any other woman in love with the simple pleasures and beauties in life. For instance, her love of traveling, dancing, piano, fashion and everything Paris (she visits the city almost every year). But anyone who has met Sonia will agree to this: she radiates an infectiously positive and genuine energy around the people she spends time with, and she gives out that energy in generous surges.

And like most of us, she too has had to deal with pain and loss, during which she turned to her intuition to heal her own self. Sonia insists on sharing her own growth cycles instead of pretending that she’s gotten through it all to get to where she is. In her interview with Huffington Post, Sonia spoke about her recent pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago after losing her father, her brother and her marriage.

“I prayed for a way to embody all that loss and be able to work with it, rather than let it overwhelm me, and that was the guidance that I was given. It was profoundly healing,” she revealed. “Look, everybody is going through this. There’s no exception. There’s no shame, and there’s no judgment. We are all being asked to grow. I think it’s important to be transparent. Our human existence is light and shadow. We have to keep moving towards the light and while addressing our shadows.”

Allowing ourselves to be part of something greater than just our own concerns, according to Sonia, gives us a sense of purpose and meaning that is important to our spirit. Through her work, Sonia empowers others to tune into and develop their intuition because it is natural to everybody. “As soon as you start being honest with yourself, listening to your heart, trusting what you feel, and having the courage to act on it.”

She helps people on how to quickly shift out of psychological and spiritual difficulties with humor and skill so that they can experience a healthier energy flow.

“How open are you to be moved? How open are you with flowing without having to explain to anyone?” Sonia asked the crowd at Awesomeness Fest. “That’s freedom.”

And now, she’s coming back…

We are thrilled to host Sonia Choquette on her exclusive FREE online training Awaken Your Intuition, where Sonia will teach you how to awaken your intuition and reconnect with your true self. Sonia’s tools and techniques can help you become functionally intuitive to solve your problems, instantly get answers to your questions, consistently make the right decisions that serve your highest purpose and accelerate your abundance. Click below to sign up!

Sonia Choquette at NeuroplasticWork

Sonia Choquette at NeuroplasticWork

Electrophysiology Research Shows Your Heart Is an Intuitive System*

Most people think their thoughts begin in the head. What most people don’t realize is thought begins in the heart. The reason why is thoughts are felt before they are travel to your brain.

If this all seems strange, it’s because it’s based on new research in electrophysiology — the study of the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues.

When you think about this research, it makes sense. Consider how animals participate in intelligent habits even though they don’t have a brain as developed as humans.

Have you ever wondered how certain animals can sense changes in nature?

Like how birds migrate?

Or how sea life knows how to navigate through the ocean?

Animals behave this way because they are in tune with nature. They use their senses to navigate, feel, and predict changes in nature.

We easily forget that we too are animals. Your brain is a powerful part of your body; however, science now tells us your heart is where thoughts originate. The benefit of reawakening your heart you’ll have a clearer channel of communication and thought.

Since you were born with this ability, it’s not as hard to learn as a new skill. It’s much easier to relearn something you already know. You connected your feelings to your behaviors as child because the world’s external pressures didn’t get to you overwhelm you like they do today.

You used to rely on your heart more than you do today. It is possible to reestablish that connection. Learn here how to do it!

Once you reconnect, you will have a better understanding of yourself, the world, and all of the millions of decisions throughout your entire life. It will make you happier and more successful, because you have the purest and ultimate thoughts possible.

* Taken from

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