Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy (Social Psycologist) shows how standing in a posture of confidence for around two minutes, even when you don’t feel confident, can positively affect your brain and influence your chances for success.

See this important and revealing video on how you can even fake it until you make it… or even better: Fake it until you become it!

Bodies postures change our minds

Bodies postures change our minds

Body Language will Lead to a Deffinitive Outcome

Learn how to read your own posture and better: Learn to avoid stressful, powerless postures; change them for powerful postures and your mind and your hormones production will change: Testosterone vs. Cortisol.

At times, see yourself in a mirror. Watch your natural expression. Smile, change any stern countenance. Your face will attract or repel people. Form a new habit and remember: Practice, practice, practice!

Experience it yourself. Spice it with Afformations* and your life and your outcomes will change for the better.

* Afformations is a register brand by Noah St. John


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  1. Hello Jussi

    Thanks for sharing the video, really puts it into perspective when she said that even blind people strike the power pose when winning, must be instinctive as obviously there is no way they can be copying others.


    • Yes. Igor, this is amazing stuff. Yet we have many more things to learn as science develops. Read more pages on the list on your right. Check our site once in a while. We are publishing new material all the time.

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