Wave Inductions to Produce Resonance On Your Brain

Some people find that traditional meditation could be difficult to master since it takes some time and most people have a hard time getting themselves to stick to a regular meditation practice.

That’s how our sixth tool becomes handy. You know, neurons in your brain—functional cell units of the nervous system— communicate with each other all day long; they activate electrical impulses that fluctuate rhythmically in different patterns called brain wave patterns, or brain frequencies.

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Your thoughts, your emotions, and feelings are closely associated with these patterns or frequencies. Your body’s diverse systems functions are identified as well with these frequency patterns which affect the quality of life you are living!

Thus, one effective way to pattern and upgrade your broadcast frequencies is to speak to your brain in its ‘native tongue,’ the language of frequencies. You can experience the power by subscribing to the “Total Immersion Program” (TIP). Just go to www.TotalImmersionProgram.com and find which program fits you best.

Brain Wave Patterns

There are several kinds of brain wave patterns. The fastest frequency is called the beta brain wave pattern, which is the frequency range of ordinary waking consciousness.

We can associate Beta waves with concentration, stimulation, awareness, and understanding.

Check this out:

At its highest and most rapid levels, though, beta is associated with apprehension, disharmony, and anxiety.

On the other side, when you become more calmed and relaxed, your brain wave activity slows down into what is called the alpha brain wave pattern. This pattern goes from deep alpha –a state of deep relaxation— to the higher end of Alpha, where we get more focus and a very relaxed state.

Inducing Frequencies in your Brain

The wave induction method works by effortlessly inducing in the brain, wave patterns with the simple use of headphones as you play some soundtracks. Therefore, you can create the same frequency changes as traditional meditation, but many times faster.

The core of this method consists of soundtracks that begin by placing you in an alpha brain wave pattern which is the brainwave pattern of meditation, deep relaxation, joy, super-learning, and several other beneficial states. Then, gradually slow your brainwaves into a deeper alpha state. Some continue to decrease the frequency until a slower and deeper theta brain wave pattern is reached.

Researchers are referring Theta waves as the brain wave state of dreaming sleep level. It is often linked with many other uplifting states, like enlarged creativity, mental super learning levels, increased memory faculties, and what are called integrative experiences, where our minds are prone to positive introspection changes, the way we see ourselves and others, or certain life situations.

In the theta level, you will experience ‘ah-ha!’ experiences, where you suddenly have an insight or a great idea. These moments are accompanied by packets of theta waves produced in your brain.

If you desire a deeper experience with lasting results with the wave induction method, you can combine meditation while you watch videos with some of these soundtracks sequences incorporated where Afformations® or presupposition questions and affirmations are shown simultaneously. That way, you will expose your brain to what you see, hear, feel. Staking up presupposition messages will creep easily in your subconscious mind. Just go to www.TotalImmersionProgram.com and discover which program fits you.

“I give myself permission to expand my vision of myself and take inspired action which serves my highest purpose.” – Edward Wheeler

Breaking Your Mental ‘Prison’

Consider this wonderful paragraph from the book “It’s Not About the Money” by Bob Proctor.

At the beginning of the last chapter he says:

“Everyone wants to know how to escape from his or her own prison of perception. We all want to set out on the path to freedom. You may feel like you are in prison behind solid steel bars, but the truth is, the door to your personal jail cell is not locked. It never was. Nothing binds you to the results you have had and are currently having but the chains in your own mind. You are completely free to choose a new and exciting path.”

The Seventh Great Tool

I compounded all these six tools in my book “Transforming Vibes, Transforming Lives”. (Check it here) However, I left the best tool for the end: Total Immersion Program” or TIP (See here). There you will find my seventh tool. Go now and find it. You’ll be glad you did!