Start Meditating Today (An Easy Way)

Meditation is another way to attain happiness and make you healthier — both physically and mentally.


Through meditation, your mind begins to rest and your heart opens up. This practice is possible, no matter your age, race, background, or social status.

Meditation is a special way to see things from a distance. When you are in this increased state of consciousness, you have a slow motion, awakened state unlike any other.

See this example on how to start meditating and improving your practice.

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12 Steps to Thrive

We are sharing the following meditation training from the world’s leading expert on intuition, Sonia Choquette, so you will start meditating today!

Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned author, storyteller, vibrational healer, and six-sensory spiritual teacher in international demand for her guidance, wisdom, and capacity to heal the soul. She’s the author of eight best-selling books and numerous audio programs.

Let’s watch a simple way to start meditation with this video. You will get an easy-to-do exercise for meditating.

Here you will find one of Sonia’s guided medications. To make the most use of it, place yourself in a quiet and calm place and listen to this audio. After going through this exercise, you will be a better state of relaxation and clarity. The meditation is about 26 minutes long.

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Energy Check To Achieve A Better Setup

The following video introduces you to a new tool called Vibe Check. With this technique, you train your mind to start to notice your intuitive energy affecting you physically. Follow Sonia’s steps and begin to explore how psychic power flows throughout your body.

How Your Mental Ability Helps You Avoid Danger Before Your Conscious Mind Does

Trusting your intuition leads to heightened levels of fear avoidance.

In a famous study about how the fear of loss influences the unconscious mind, researchers detected how the body sensed the probability of an unwanted event before the body.

The test involved a series of cards that each — unbeknownst to participants — had a set rate of net gains and net losses.

Over time, as the participants found which decks were more beneficial, skin conductors proved the skin detected the beneficial decks before the mind did.

Even before the participants had a “hunch”, what deck provided a gradual gain, fear receptors in the skin reacted when touching the unfavorable decks!

Your Intuition detects danger faster than your mind. It’s like when you hear a voice in your head “Stop”, before you consciously realize you are in a dangerous situation.

See an example of how this this study unfolded.

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