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Source: H20 Heavy Foods – – Gmail

Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA—A recent study conducted at the University of Florida found several different foods that will help you stay hydrated during the summer.

The researchers noted that staying well hydrated is very important during the summer months, but most people are unaware that eating “H20 heavy” foods can improve your hydration just as well as drinking.

The study analyzed the health benefits associated with several different fruits and vegetables; they focused on how well they help you stay hydrated.

The team found six easy to find foods that have been proven to help maintain good hydration:

  1. Cucumbers: They are more than 90 percent water and are rich with B and C vitamins. You can add cucumbers to your water or throw them into a salad.
  2. Greens: Most greens are about 95 percent water, while romaine and iceberg have the highest percentage of water.
  3. Pineapple: They are about 90 percent water and they also provide the enzyme bromelain, which helps improve digestion and prevent inflammation.
  4. Cantaloupe: The researchers found that this melon is over 90 percent water and offers 100 percent of your vitamin A and only 60 calories per cup.
  5. Watermelon: This is the ultimate hydration food, having more than 92 percent water it also contains rehydrating electrolytes (salts calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium).
  6. Strawberries: Not only strawberries, but most berries are more than 90 percent water and are easy to pack on the go. This makes them a perfect hydrating snack anytime.

If you are interested in staying well hydrated, you might want to

Retrain Your Brain? Are You Ready?

Using Neuroscience To Retrain Your Brain

NeuroplasticWork is pleased to announce a thrilling chance: A FREE online event with the world’s leading experts in brain re-training and Neuroscience. Learn how your brain works. How to train it to work smarter–not harder–for you.

What you will learn on this call: 
  1. The Neuro-Science behind making and achieving goals.
  2. You will learn why just having a vision and goals is not enough.
  3. How your beliefs, habits, and emotions affect goal achievement.

Brain image 2

Discover how you can retrain your brain to improve:

  • mental clarity
  • focus
  • predilection for financial success
  • leadership qualities
  • communication skills

It is so much easier to live life, when you are operating at your brain’s phenomenal full capacity for efficiency and effectiveness.

Consider how you retrain your brain too

Watch the next video that will help you to discover how amazing your brain is.

I Decided To Succeed

My childhood was tragic. I never had the “easy ways” my peers had to go along the way, on those important and basic years of our lives. The challenges I had were not met to procure the comfortable life some of my classmates had, but to secure survival. Now, many decades after, I decided to start this web page to convey my passion and desire to help others and watch how they can change and transform their lives and make a difference in this world.  That’s why I thought is…

Time For A Change

Tired of waiting, one day, as any other day, I decided to succeed… I decided not to wait for opportunities, but find them. I decided to see every problem as an opportunity to find a solution. I decided to see each desert as the chance to find an oasis. I decided to see each night as a mystery to be solved. I decided to see each day as a new opportunity to be happy.

That day, I discovered that my only rivals were nothing else other than my own weaknesses, and in these, it is the only and best way for me to excel. That day I stopped fearing losing and I began to fear not winning. I discovered that I wasn’t the best, and perhaps I never was; it doesn’t matter now “who wins” or “who loses”, what matters to me is knowing that I am better today than yesterday.

I learned that the difficult thing is not reaching the top, but never quit going up. I learned that the best win I have, is to have the right to call someone ‘Friend’.

I found that love is more than a simple state of infatuation, “love is the philosophy of life”. That day, I stopped being a reflection of my last few wins and started to be my own dim light for the present; I learned that there is no use in being a light, if you’re not going to light the way of others.

That day, I decided to change so many things… That day I learned that dreams are only for becoming true. Since that day, I just don’t sleep to rest… Now, simply, I sleep to dream!

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