Month: April 2015

The Strangest Secret Message Segments

World’s Strangest Secret Earl Nightingale Message first segment.

What’s included in the first segment:

  • What’s wrong with people today (time 0:16)
  • What percentage of the population succeeds (time 1:26)
  • What is success (time 1:51 and 2:05)
  • What is the opposite of COURAGE? (not what you think!) (time 2:18)
  • Why 95% fails (how to avoid being there!) (time 3:06)
  • What are the beliefs of the majority (time 3:16 and 3:35)
  • You’ll be able to succeed if you do this thing! (time 3:50)

Hint: It is very important that you answer these seven questions in a specific way. This will be the foundation to discover what is next! When you are done writing down each answer, you’ll be ready to hear the second segment.

World’s Strangest Secret Earl Nightingale Message second segment.

What’s included in the second segment:

  • What’s the key to success (time 0:48)
  • Who succeed and who doesn’t (time 0:55)
  • How can we use this key to change our lives? (time 3:23)
  • What is the ONLY point where all great men and philosophers agree upon? (time 3:37)

Again, answer and write those questions before you proceed to hear the entire message. Now, you are ready to understand the real seed of all “Personal Development” industry. This is THE SECRET before “The Secret”!!

Complete message to be seen once you watch to the former two segments. Please post your comments below.

“Get Real”


We live in a world where limitations are not only accepted, but also encouraged. As soon as we’re born, we are taught who we can be and who we can’t be. We are conditioned to believe that we are destined to go through life, not to create it.

That’s why people make the choice to live in grounded “realism,” and never even attempt to generate new circumstances in life.

“Get Real”

Have you ever heard someone say this to you? Even if the person telling you to “get real” means well, this statement is bad advice. It’s what you don’t think is possible that keeps you for the reality you actually want.

The truth is: “realism” holds you back. If a dream seems silly, out of reach, or undeserved, it can never manifest into your reality.

Then the real pain of reality sets in: you may end up believing that:

  • You aren’t good enough to have the life you want.
  • You aren’t worthy enough to create your reality—including how much you get paid, where you live, your career, anything you want in life.
  • You aren’t smart enough to create an abundant and happy life.
  • You don’t deserve your true ambitions.

As we mature into adults, the problem of limitations becomes more severe. We give up on our dreams. We settle for less than what we want. Because we’re taught to think that failure is a bad thing, we take the road of safety and security.

And taking the “safe” path keeps you from the true freedom you desire in your life. It’s not a wise decision to be realistic.

You were born a dreamer and that power was taken away. But you can be a dreamer once again! That is my goal with you.  You can bend reality… I can teach you how!

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