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Get Uncomfortable and Enjoy the Process

If we want to grow in any realm, we need to get uncomfortable, dissatisfied with what we have.

Acknowledge the need of change for a “better you” . Fall in love with the changing process as you discover how to engage with the laws of nature.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

Consider for a moment the next sentences:

  • Change is good
  • Change is necessary
  • Change produces growth, results and bring opportunities
Get uncomfortable in order to grow

                                             Get uncomfortable in order to grow

I was in a restaurant. Was hungry, after a long journey in my clinic, it was around 6:30 pm. Breakfast was my only thing ingested in that day and was eaten at 5 am. Except for water and some fresh juices, my stomach was pretty empty. A nice salad and a pizza was solving my need in that moment, when I overheard a conversation on the next table that caught my attention:
“…You know. You would understand it, if you find how lobsters grow! A long-white-beard man on his 70s was telling to a fellow that was writing notes hastily on a pad. He rolled his eyes, puzzled uttering: “Did you say: lobsters?”
“I know”. The old man continued. “How cares how lobsters grow… Before you throw this whole idea out, think! Lobsters are soft, washy animals, that live inside a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand. Well, how then a lobster can grow? As the lobster grows, the shell becomes very confining. The lobster lives under pressure and uncomfortable. Goes into a rock formation to protect itself from predators. Cast off the shell and produces another one. Eventually that shell also becomes very uncomfortable as it grows more. Then the lobster goes back under the rock protection and… the lobster repeats this cycle numerous times. The stimulus for the lobster to be able to grow is that it feels uncomfortable!
Then the old man said in a sarcastic mode: If lobsters have doctors it would never grow, because as soon as the lobster feels uncomfortable goes to the doctor, gets a “Valium”, or any painkiller… Feel fine! But it never would come out that shell”
“So my friend” Stood up to leave the table. Looked at me and said: “We need to realize that uncomfortable times are also times for opportunities to grow. If we use adversity properly, we can grow through adversity”.

Prepare to Walk on Uncharted Territory

As you decide to change, generally nothing will be the same.

  • You will find “New obstacles”.
    However, If you use adversity properly, you can grow through adversity
  • Prepare to find “New challenges”.

Think at times that everything could spin out of control. However:

  • You can ride the situation
  • Control the situation by knowing where you’re going
  • Don’t be afraid of getting wrong, invite failure, learn from mistakes
    • Turn a failure into a success
      Don’t bury your failures. Let them inspire you!
    • Be open minded
    • Find the good angle in every situation
    • Detach from emotions
    • Don’t judge, accept what is

Judgment is one of the biggest originators of destruction on this planet. It creates segmented, fragmented societies, and a separation from ourselves. How much of our life have we been judging ourselves? For getting things right or wrong or being good or bad? Judgment, discrimination and discernment are all sources for creating conclusions so we can get something right. But if we never had to be right and we never had to be wrong, what choice would we actually have?

This is an invitation for a totally different way of being in the world a way of being us, that includes all of us, all of our capacities, all our feelings, and all of the possibilities we’ve always wanted to create and live by, with absolutely no judgment. Accept what is. Then we’ll develop a remarkable state of consciousness.
Consciousness is where everything exists and is and nothing is judged. In other words: Accept what is. Imagine living in a world like that.
Well, this is where it begins!
When we no longer have judgment in our world, we’ll walk around with a sense of freedom no matter what we are doing and no matter where we are. As we start to go beyond judgment in our world, we stop doing that with other people too.

  • Keep going (continuing the pursuit)
  • Be prepared to confront criticism from former supporting groups

Getting uneasy is part of the game. So, get used and get uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid. Keep in mind: “If we do the thing we fear, death of fear is certain.”
Remember: Courage is not the absence of fear, is pursuing in spite of those feelings.

Happy New Year!!

7 Anti-Aging Foods (everyone over 40 should eat)

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or even 70s and want to defy each passing year while promoting more youthful hair, nails and skin, the below 7 foods will help you stock up on some of the most powerful anti-aging nutrients around.

bandicam 2015-11-17 18-25-10-487
1. Raspberries & Blueberries – These two berries contain important anti-oxidants to help offset inflammation and oxidative stress that contribute to skin aging and wrinkles.  Just one serving of either or these berries contains more anti-oxidants than 10 servings of most other fruits and vegetables!

2.  Red Wine – That’s right, a glass of wine daily may indeed have a positive effect on your health due to its resveratrol content, a unique anti-oxidant that can help fight against diabetes, heart disease, and age-related memory loss.

3.  Beans – The unique proteins in beans thicken and strengthen your hair cells, so you can enjoy a full head of hair as you lengthen your years. 🙂

4.  Brazil Nuts – Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a mineral which aids in the production of the anti-oxidant glutathione to help slow down the skin aging process.  Just 2 nuts a day will provide you with enough selenium to reap its anti-aging benefits.

5.  Tomatoes – Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has been shown to support heart health and healthy cholesterol levels as you age.  Lycopene also acts as a natural sun block to keep skin youthful and protected from harmful UV rays.

6.  Olive Oil – Not only do the monounsaturated fats contained in olive oil support healthy arteries and a healthy heart, but olive oil also contains polyphenols, a potent anti-oxidant that may help prevent a number of age-related diseases.  We recommend organic extra virgin olive oil for the most anti-aging bang for your buck.

7.  Organic Eggs – Despite the bad rap eggs get because of their cholesterol content, which is based on completely erroneous science, eggs are rich in biotin and iron which help to promote healthy, youthful skin and hair.

Be sure to eat these anti-aging foods and nutrients frequently. You will see healthy skin, healthy hair… a healthy body over all!

* Taked from BioTrust Nutrition

How Calcium Makes Your Skin Older

Did you know excess calcium in your diet promotes wrinkles and sagging skin, making you appear older than you actually are?

It’s true… it’s actually as bad for your skin as too much sun, too much smoking, and too much sugar!

Yes, you can reverse this backward trend… and look many years younger in the process.

But you can’t just cut calcium out of your diet. I’ll explain why in a moment, but first…

Calcium Threatens More Than Just Your Skin

Harvard researchers (using data from a woman’s only study running non-stop since 1976) have discovered that – contrary to everything you’ve been told – calcium does NOT protect your bones…and, in fact…leads to MORE fractures and HIGHER rates of osteoporosis!

You can reverse the rapid skin-aging effects of excess calcium!

             You can reverse the rapid skin-aging effects of excess calcium!

It puts your heart at risk too (The Washington Post reported this way back in 2011 with a piece titled, “Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds”)

And it can destroy your brain (NPR dropped this bombshell with the headline, “Studies Find Link Between Alzheimer’s, Calcium”).


I was too.

I was always told calcium forms the bedrock of optimum health.

But it turns out both you and I haven’t been told the whole story…

The Calcium Lie

Physician of the Year (1996) Dr. Robert Thompson pulls back the curtain on how calcium is ruining your skin, weakening your bones, and threatening your heart, brain, and much more in his new book “The Calcium Lie 2.

And right now, because this book is so important if you care at all about living longer, living well, and looking your best too (and of course you do)… right now I’m giving away FREE copies of “The Calcium Lie 2!”

An ob-gyn, Dr. Thompson first noticed the dangers of calcium while delivering babies.

You see, certain women would experience a rash of cavities after childbirth.

While researching why, he also learned about two factors that cause over 50% of infant deaths…certain deficiencies that lead to lower IQ scores in babies…and even how a woman’s placenta can reveal her risk for heart disease later in life.

And it was all related to calcium.

(If you’re not happy with your skin, and you’ve had multiple children, this could explain why).

After continued research, he released the first volume of “The Calcium Lie” in 2008 to get the word out about all of the dangers of calcium and the truth about bone health.

This new updated edition is fantastic and I encourage you to read the whole book (again, I’m giving it away FREE today!) … but if you want to jump to the parts on how to keep your skin radiant, be sure to read the following pages:

  • The absolute best moisturizer for flawless skin (it doesn’t just moisturize surface skin cells…but lubricates emerging cells so fresh skin comes to the surface looking uniform, supple, and glowing)! Pg 162
  • The most dangerous supplement for your skin! It makes your skin look “tarnished” like old silverware (and worse, can lead to heart disease and stroke). Pg 22
  • Is your skin coarse, dry, scaly, or thick (especially on your elbows, heels or feet)? These are early warning signs of a serious disease the Journal of the American Medical Association says, “is the most underdiagnosed illness in America”. Pg 95
  • Vitamin C keeps your skin healthy and supple, right? Only if you get the real thing. The tell-tale signs you’re being sold fake vitamin C (once you know this you’ll never look at ANY vitamin the same way again!)  Pg 158
  • Thin skin? Bleed easily? How to gain healthy thickness to you skin on just 25 cents a day. Pg 153
  • 5 water mistakes that strip your skin of nutrients, leaving it red, dry, and flaky (plus which type of water supports skin health) Pg 184
  • Which inexpensive mineral supplement reverses skin troubles and chronic exhaustion (explains why you have dark spots…AND…are tired all the time)! Pg 110

Like I said, the whole book is eye-opening , but just these 7 pages could have a massive impact on your health and happiness.

It retails for about $15 in bookstores…

But because I believe this is such an important (and completely ignored) subject I’ve decided to give away copies of The Calcium Lie 2 (Plus a few special bonuses you can’t get anywhere else).

bandicam 2015-11-15 18-51-58-894


Brain Decline: 5 Early Warning Signs

Did you know that hundreds of studies show that starting in your early 30’s, each and every year you experience significant memory loss  and brain decline along with the loss of valuable brain power and function?  In fact, research at Georgia Tech University shows that the average person’s memory declines by as much as 40% between the ages of 30 and 65, with an even more pronounced decline as you enter the so-called “golden years”.
bandicam 2015-10-12 06-08-12-957

The 5 Early Warning Signs of Brain Decline

Let’s examine these warnings:

  • Forgetting where you’ve put things, names, faces, or important due dates and appointments
  • Difficulty remembering conversations you recently had, or things you just read
  • Stopping mid-sentence, forgetting what you wanted to say
  • Stumbling on words, suffering from lapses in concentration and being “scatter brained”
  • Experiencing regular “brain fog”, where you often can’t think clearly or your thought process is slowed and murky

For sure, these common yet serious symptoms are no laughing matter.  Even worse, there are a host of environmental toxins in today’s air, food, and water supply that are constantly preying on your brain:

  • Fluoride in tap water shown to lower IQs
  • Artificial sweeteners that trigger the death of brain cells
  • High fructose corn syrup and foods high in sugar shown to cause brain shrinkage
  • GMOs in non-organic vegetables and many processed foods causing “brain rancidity” (where vital omega-3 fats in your brain are literally caused to go rancid and become toxic)
  • Toxic pesticides and herbicides used as “common practice” on fruits, veggies, and grains
  • Alcohol consumption which damages brain neurons (even in moderation)
  • Electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones which can disrupt the DNA of your delicate brain cells and cause brain dysfunction
  • Aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants the can cause toxic build up of heavy metals in the brain

Simply put, the world we live in today takes normal age-related memory loss and compounds it 100 times over.  And when you realize the constant danger your brain is continually being surrounded by and exposed to in today’s day and age, along with the undeniable documented memory loss associated with “getting older”, it’s no wonder that research shows the #1 fear of aging adults is losing their freedom and independence due to what is seemingly unavoidable mental decline.

Are you worried about…

  • The nightmare of a failing memory?
  • Falling victim to deteriorating mental abilities?
  • The fear of becoming dependent on others for basic daily living?
  • The dread of losing control of your decision-making?

It all sounds very overwhelming, and it is.  The fortunate news, however, is that there IS something you can do about it.  Even better, the answer is found in simple nutrients you can find easily:

  • Avocados
  • Almonds and walnuts
  • Curcumin
  • Coconut oil

bandicam 2015-11-08 19-33-09-504

One important thing to keep in mind is that you have to eat these nutrients in moderate or small quantities but frequently as a rule of thumb.

*Source: BioTrust Nutrition

Global Awakening: Now is the Time!

For as far as we’ve come with the modern conveniences in the world, there is much we have yet to understand as a people. We often act as though only humankind has a spiritual essence, but as I pointed out in the video below, at the end, nothing could be further from the truth.

it's time for a Global Awakening

it’s time for a Global Awakening

Understanding a new vision of life

Dozens of cases, for example, prove that plants have a spirit. In one well-known study, a man, his wife, their children and a colleague moved to Findhorn Bay Caravan Park in Scotland. Once there, they set out to create a small garden.

Well, the site sat on sand and gravel so it was the last place most people would have chosen to start a garden. But they didn’t let that stop them.

You see, they didn’t care about man’s wisdom. They got their guidance from above since they always acted out of love and understood our connection with all of nature. They not only knew how to talk to nature, they knew how to listen to it.

As a result, what began as an intention to create a small garden turned into something far bigger than they had expected…

The small family plot became the acclaimed Findhorn Garden, a flourishing landscape with over 128 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

You see, the people who created and took care of the garden were aware that all forms of life seek to express the fullness of their identity. They also understood that the unfolding of human consciousness cannot be separated from the unfolding of the total environment in which it finds expression. Both must grow, or neither can grow.

That’s the kind of expanded awareness we all need as a people to draw us into a new vision of us and nature in collaboration.

Once you really get that all life is a part of you and you are a part of it, you’ll start to send love to every person, plant, animal and thing. And when you do that, you will reveal your true essence and that of everything around you.

Bob Proctor

Neural Activity In The Brain Is Revealed

New mathematical method reveals structure in neural activity

A newly-developed mathematical method can detect geometric structure in neural activity in the brain. “Previously, in order to understand this structure, scientists needed to relate neural activity to some specific external stimulus,” said Vladimir Itskov, associate professor of mathematics at Penn State University. “Our method is the first to be able to reveal this structure without our knowing an external stimulus ahead of time. We’ve now shown that our new method will allow us to explore the organizational structure of neurons without knowing their function in advance.”

Brain acitivity revealed

Brain acitivity revealed

“The traditional methods used by researchers to analyze the relationship between the activities of neurons were adopted from physics,” said Carina Curto, associate professor of mathematics at Penn State, “but neuroscience data doesn’t necessarily play by the same rules as data from physics, so we need new tools. Our method is a first step toward developing a new mathematical toolkit to uncover the structure of neural circuits with unknown function in the brain.”

The method—clique topology—was developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers at Penn State, the University of Pennsylvania, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The method is described in a paper that will be posted in the early online edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences during the week ending October 23, 2015.

“We have adopted approaches from the field of algebraic topology that previously had been used primarily in the domain of pure mathematics and have applied them to experimental data on the activity of —specialized neurons in the part of the brain called the hippocampus that sense the position of an animal in its environment,” said Curto.

The researchers measured the activity of place cells in the brains of rats during three different experimental conditions. They then analyzed the pairwise correlations of this activity—how the firing of each neuron was related to the firing of every other neuron.

In the first condition, the rats were allowed to roam freely in their environment—a behavior where the activity of place cells is directly related to the location of the animal in its environment. They searched the data to find groups of neurons, or “cliques,” in which the activity of all members of the clique was related to the activity of every other member. Their analysis of these cliques, using methods from algebraic topology, revealed an organized . Surprisingly, the researchers found similar structure in the activities among place cells in the other two conditions they tested, wheel-running and sleep, where place cells are not expected to have geometric organization.

“Because the we detected was similar in all three experimental conditions, we think that we are picking up the fundamental organization of place cells in the hippocampus,” said Itskov.

Read more at:


consciousness experiments

Make Staying in Love as Easy as Falling in Love

Most people think falling in love is easy, but staying in love is only possible with a tremendous amount of work.

While that might be true for many people, you don’t have to accept it as your reality.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, and you truly want to stay in (or fall back in) love with your mate, it can be a relatively easy thing to do.

Before I go on, let me remind you that being in love is when two people come together in perfect harmony on all planes of understanding.

So how do you maintain or re-establish a harmonious relationship with minimal effort after the newness has worn off?

Is staying in love more difficult?

Is staying in love more difficult?

I suggest doing these three things:

1. Check Under Your Own Hood: When the exhilaration of a relationship starts to wane, we tend to complain about all the things our partner is doing wrong.

I’d like to suggest that, rather than pointing a finger at your partner, take a good, honest look at yourself. Consider questions like the following:

Do you show your mate that you love and appreciate them, or are you too busy complaining? When the going gets tough, do you rise to the occasion with grace, or do you get angry and shut them out? Do you communicate openly or do you expect your partner to be able to read your mind?

As you examine your own role in the decline of your relationship, you’ll start to see that this really isn’t about your mate at all. It’s about YOU and the vibration you’re putting out. As your awareness of your own behavior grows, you’ll give more and, by law, you’ll receive more from your partner.

2. Build A New Image: If you want a better relationship, recognize that the kind of relationship you want is on a frequency that is above the one that you are living on. Then, create an image of the relationship the way you want it to be—now and moving forward.

Start to visualize yourself having a divine, intimate connection with your partner. Picture and understand that this journey that you walk together will be a journey full of life lessons, blessings, joy, love and beautiful memories. Focus on the qualities that attracted you to your mate when you first fell in love.

By visualizing a long-lasting, loving relationship, you lock yourself onto the higher frequency and you start to create it.

3. Raise Your Expectations: Most of us expect the joy and passion of our relationship to dissipate over time. What do you believe is going to happen in yours?

I ask because you tend to get what you expect. Expect to be annoyed, and you will be. Anticipate a bad day, and you can just about guarantee you’ll have one.

Try this little experiment tonight: Just before you turn out the lights and go to sleep, set a clear, definite positive expectation for your relationship tomorrow:

I expect to feel delighted with my mate. I expect to feel appreciated. I expect to have a wonderful day.

Let your expectation germinate in your mind all night long. Repeat it to yourself — really meaning it — when you wake up tomorrow. And remind yourself of it periodically throughout the day.

Remember you radiate frequencies out into the world in every moment. And your frequencies are constantly attracting similar frequencies to harmonize with.

So if you want to stay or fall back in love, change your vibration by doing the things I’ve suggested here. Then observe—and enjoy—what happens.

To your success,

Bob Proctor

Health Issues: What are the MOST IMPORTANT ones today?

Readers of our free e-newsletters and our website posts tend to be more knowledgeable about health issues and wellness than the average population… and many are downright PASSIONATE about it…

So, I’m very curious to know — and please use the COMMENT area below to respond — what do YOU think are the most important health issues facing us today? Is it possible to see the “end of all disease” one day?

What do you think about the main health issues we face?

What do you think about the main health issues we face?

(By “us” I am referring more to the “developed world,” so to speak, and not the very poor countries of the world, who of course have different health issues in need of urgent attention.)

In general, one obvious answer to the question of the most important health issue we face is IGNORANCE…

There is a ton of misinformation and downright lies — fostered by government, corporate interests, advertising, and more — what I call: “Education Gaps” that costs people their hard-earned money, and their very health and lives. (And it is of course our goal, with our e-newsletters and more, to try to correct this misinformation… to educate and empower people to take control of their health!)

So whether you agree with this general answer of “ignorance” or not, more specifically… What do YOU think are the most important health issues we face today? (And why?)

Use the COMMENTS feature below to respond, and thank you!

– See more on our FREE book offer “The End of All Disease“.

– Listen more about “Education Gaps” by Vishen Lakiani, MindValley’s founder.

Study Reveals: This Veggie Reduces Cravings by 95%

Do you eat spinach?  If you don’t, and your goal is to lose as much body fat as possible, then you may want to start incorporating more spinach in your diet according to a recent study performed at Sweden’s Lund University.

Spinach 1

In the study, 38 overweight women consumed either a beverage containing 5g of spinach extract (made up mostly of the cell membranes from spinach stems) or a placebo prior to breakfast each day.  At the end of the 3 month study, the spinach group lost 50% more weight!

Researchers credit the increased weightloss to an overall decrease in calorie intake as a compound in spinach stems known as thylakoids has been shown to reduce hunger, particularly this veggie reduces cravings for sweets and fast food, by up to 95%!  Thylakoids work by slowing down the digestion process, giving intestinal hormones time to communicate to the brain that we are satisfied.

Naturally, if you’re feeling more satisfied you won’t fall victim to regular snacking on all the wrong foods — and that means increased weightloss and a flatter stomach for you.

Here are some easy ways to get more spinach in your diet (be sure to include the stems):

  1. Throw a couple handfuls of spinach in the blender along with your next protein shake.  While it may change the color, it has virtually no taste.
  2. If you’re into juicing, add spinach to your next juicing recipe.
  3. Enjoy a spinach salad or sauteed spinach as part of any meal.
  4. Green smoothy: Banana + spinach + pineapple + coconut milk

Just enjoy this  healthy veggie that reduces your cravings for sweets and fast food  and your chance of overweighting.

Quantum Healing of Tumor Through the Power of Thought & Feeling

Gregg Braden Shared this video

Gregg Braden shows us footage recorded in the late 1990s documenting an event about the healing of a life-threatening condition within the body of a woman who is alive. The types of techniques, quantum healing applied, are precisely those that make use of the power of concentration. Watch this video that documents the healing of a bladder cancer tumor, 3 inches in diameter of that woman who by western standards is considered inoperable. As a last resort, she goes to a hospital in Beijing, China, where three practitioners and one technician teach her some life-affirming methods of nurturing her body by means of the power of combined concerted thoughts and gentle movements to stimulate the energy centers in her body in order to remove completely this tumor from her bladder.

So, in the video documentation the film shows a woman lying in bed in a hospital room. She is fully awake. She is fully conscious. She believes in the process that is about to happen. Before her there is a ultrasound technician that is running an ultrasound wand over her lower abdomen where we can see on a split screen monitor, and on the left hand side of the screen, they do a snapshot freeze-frame of an instant in time for reference. That way, we can see what her condition looks like in that instant in time. On the right hand of the screen, we are able to watch real time as three practitioners stand behind her working with the energy and her body and the feelings in their bodies. Next, they begin to chant a word that they have agreed upon and reinforces the feelings within them that she is already healed. The chant essentially says: “Already healed, already done”. As they began to have this feeling and say these words among themselves, on the computer screen we can watch in real time how this cancerous tumor disappears in less than three minutes.

Could we apply these techniques in our lives? Is that possible?

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